How to Build a Unique Wedding

Howdy! Looking for a wedding destination where you and your soon-to-be spouse can feel like your wants are being taken care of? or seeking help to organize the wedding of your dreams? Read on and see how BHGH can help you with one of the best days of your life! Caribbean Wedding  Palm Beach is […]

Have the Adventure of a Lifetime in Indonesia

Howdy! looking for a tropical place to watch the sun wave hello to the world? How about a saltwater adventure that is perfect for you to try out a waterproof camera? or maybe you’ve been wanting to visit a mystical and quiet place to ponder over the wonders of life? If you said yes to […]

This Is How You Can Golf in Style

Howdy! The game of golf originated on the eastern coast of Scotland in the 15 century, in a more simple way than it is played today. Players used to swing pebbles over sand dunes and tracks using wooden sticks with their shafts made from ash or hazel, and the club heads were put together with […]

How to Plan Your Trip to Machu Picchu

Howdy! The Machu Picchu ruins are believed to be ceremonial centers for the Ancient Incas, and it is the most popular tourist attraction in Peru. Machu Picchu used to be a secret site only known to the residents who lived in the region. It has been suggested that the Incas abandoned the sacred ground for […]

The Undenaibly Fascinating Mystical Scotland

Howdy! Did you know that the unicorn really is the official national animal of Scotland? This country loves its mythology as much as BHGH loves to travel.  Many tales of Scotland could show why the unicorn is associated with the land. The mythological animal represents purity, innocence, power, and masculinity which are traits that can […]

The Ancient Beauty of Egyptian Gastronomy

Howdy! For millennia, the Nile delta region has provided fertile land with rich soils which Egyptian cuisine still benefits from to obtain their legumes, vegetables, and fruit. Welcome to #FridayFoodTours, where here at BHGH we take you on a virtual trip through some of the world’s best dining joints. Egyptian food can be heavily centered […]

How to Have an Ideal Time in Broadway

Howdy! Many of the well-known artists that you have observed on TV and in blockbuster movies have risen to fame because of this place in New York City. If you’re thinking Broadway, then you’re most absolutely correct. There’s more to do than just watch theatre plays in and around Broadway. Broadway street is 13 miles […]

These Places Make Latin America a Wine Paradise

Howdy! Welcome to #winewednesdays where we prep one for the possible wine tours that they could be undergoing. It’s becoming quite obvious that travelers nowadays are looking to learn about a culture and or a place that they’re visiting, rather than seeking purposeless tourism. Learning about the history and customs of wine is most of […]

China’s Abundant Tea Culture

Howdy! Tea is replacing many coffee lovers’ addiction towards the rich caffeinated drink. This is because tea can have lower amounts of caffeine than coffee as well as other health benefits as well. A variety of teas may boost your immune system, encourage weight loss, lowering cholesterol, and also present antimicrobial qualities. Health benefits aren’t […]

What You Must Know About the Second Most Popular National Park in the U.S.

Howdy! The second most popular park in the United States is the Grand Canyon, around 5.9 million visitors arrive there each year. The park’s gigantic rock formations which are coated with predominantly shades of red will strike the curiosity of a person’s mind with awe, filled with questions such as, how old is this place? […]