Curated Travel

Curating Your Trip

At Book Here, Give Here we don’t just plan your trip – we curate your trip. What’s the difference?

Curating your travel itinerary means that we are customizing every detail to ensure it’s what you’re looking for in your vacation. We make sure that all of the moving pieces are carefully selected so that you and your traveling companions have a memorable and transformational experience. Plus when you trust your travels to us, your Travel Guru is with you at all times – no matter what time zone you are in –  thanks to 24/7 access via WhatsApp.

How It Works

When we begin to curate your itinerary, we focus on the four (4) main pillars designed to assist us all in becoming better world citizens.

  1. Wellness –  Your mind, body, spirit all need to heal and recharge when you travel.  We work on making sure you have transformational experiences that you once only dreamed of – or would never have dreamed of!
  2. Gastronomy –  We all need to eat and having local food experiences is the fastest way to local cultural immersion. Plus, it never fails to bring home the fact that by breaking bread with someone we once thought was so very different from ourselves – we realize just how similar we all are.
  3.  Off the Beaten Path –  While it is true that some destinations in themselves are off the beaten path, even in the more popular or mainstream destinations,  you can always find something that is off the beaten path – something that only the locals are aware of.
  4. Travel as a Living Classroom –  We live in a world where the majority of our learning is done digitally – by reading someone else’s opinion.  We encourage you to go out and become your own explorer, your own historian.  Make your own opinions by walking in the footsteps of history  – and then learn from the past so we don’t repeat what we don’t agree with.  

These four (4) pillars are our basis in every itinerary – whether it’s an all-inclusive resort or an  Indiana Jones type of adventure and we look forward to weaving them into your next getaway! We offer the finest curated travel experiences with social responsibility.