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Complete our trip questionnaire and schedule a call with your Travel Guru via the calendar link that will appear after you submit the form.

During our free consultation call you will be advised of our fee.  Our retainer fee is per trip and begins at $500 depending on the complexity of your curated trip. Unless you cancel, there shouldn’t be any additional fees on our services, just the cost of your trip.

What’s included in our fee? Itinerary writing, booking process, 24/7 service during travel and until the time you come home.

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Trip Questionnaire

Please complete this form to help us build the perfect itinerary for you. Please note that our itinerary creation fee (as discussed with your Travel Guru) will need to be paid in order for us to start working on your itinerary, unless otherwise prearranged with your Travel Guru.

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Please note that this form is to authorize Book Here, Give here to purchase travel on your behalf. If you are not the main traveler – but are paying for the trip – please make sure you are including your ID in the file upload section in addition to the travelers. We will keep your information for the duration of your trip and will build a file to make sure you are ready for your next booking unless you indicate below not to.


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