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Your Travel Gurus work with small business owners like ourselves in destinations throughout the world. They are our eyes and ears on the ground and partner with us to create memories of a lifetime. This also helps us meet our social responsibility in destinations by making travel both sustainable and equitable. What does that mean? It means that your tourism dollars stay local and the destinations thrive because of tourism! Oh and you have a fabulous one of a kind experience! It’s a win-win!

Our Give Back Mission

Book Here, Give Here  – a minority and woman owned small business – was founded by our Chief Travel Guru Loulu Lima, in 2015 as a way for travelers to not only see the world – but to do it in a socially conscious way. Sustainability and equitability in travel have always been important to us as Travel Gurus as we have named ourselves. It is because of those core values that my mission is not only to work with small business owners like us in the destinations we send our clients to, but also to give back in our local communities. For us it’s really all about community wellness!

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Need payment plan options? We got you covered!

We know one of the biggest reasons people don’t take the vacations of their dreams is because they don’t think they can afford it. But we have good news for you – when you plan far enough in advance, we can work with the vendors to be able to give you an opportunity to pay your trip in split payments, as opposed to one lump deposit date and one final payment date. And while it is true that some vendors will require an activity or accommodations to be paid in full, all at once – should this happen we will work on a game plan with you.

Once your final payment date arrives – should you still need more time we can help as we currently work with a company called Uplift, where you can apply for a line of credit to pay off your balance. (NOTE: We suggest that the majority of your trip should be paid for without a credit check and interest.) And if you don’t have enough time to apply for a line of credit, we can discuss other options with you as well.

Here’s an example of a standard scenario:  You plan your trip with time in advance.  A deposit is placed at time of booking and you have a final payment date for when  your balance is due.  In order to help you financially plan for travel – we will coordinate what works best for you. And this is why we keep your credit card card on file – so all you have to do is text or email your Travel Guru when you want a payment made.  YES, it’s that simple!  As long as your trip is paid for by the final payment due date, all is good!