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Let us be your Travel Manager and Coordinator all in one!

Your production coordinators have their hands full.  Dealing with travel has become increasingly complicated – especially when it comes to airline, hotel, car rental and other customer service departments.

Why BHGH? Because we do it all and we can do it globally by assigning a dedicated Travel Guru with film credits to you for the following services:

  • Booking of all flights, accommodations, car rentals, car services and more.
  • Communicating with your crew and talent to ensure everything is properly coordinated – we even have an app so they can manage their itineraries!
  • Housing management on long shoots – we work with the accommodations to make sure rooms are cleaned and turned over for your crew/talent.
  • Dealing with the airlines and assisting if flights are delayed/cancelled – we are available 24/7 during your travel and shooting days.
  • Setting up corporate accounts so you don’t need PayPal funds  – meaning you can manage your budget better.
  • Assisting with international travel including visas and passports.
  • Providing travel insurance for baggage and travel protection in case of trip interruption.
  • Managing receipts on your company card.
  • Assistance with tax incentives in the US.
  • Leveraging our tourism contacts worldwide to assist with your film production.
  • And much more!


Plus, we work on a negotiated weekly stipend so we are crew for the duration of your shoot.  Let your PA’s handle everything else. We’ll handle the travel. Reach out to discuss next steps and have us join your team!

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Destination Inspirations



Howdy! Today I am taking you to the island Sicily for a bit of amore – or Italian love! And we are getting this fabulous overview of this incredible destination thanks to my friend Sebastiano Peluso, the founder of Discover Italy, which is a company that is actually based in the US and represents different local tour operators in Sicily – which just so happens to be Sebastiano’s hometown.


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