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Welcome to Travel Professional Services!

With 25+ years of experience, we plan every detail of your trip to perfection. We personally stay in the destinations you choose, stay at the hotels and resorts you stay at and sail on the ships you cruise on. This is how we know what to recommend!  

We have established relationships with the industry’s best cruise lines, hotel chains and tour operators, enabling us to provide special offers and amenities  you won’t find anywhere else. 

You travel, we execute the details.


Why You Should Choose Us

  1. We curate and vet all travel experience around the globe in order to keep travel sustainable and equitable.
  2. We expect the unexpected with travel – during travel we are available 24/7 to assist. 
  3. When you choose us as your travel concierge, you can focus on your business growth, to-do list and focus on priorities because we are handling all of the travel responsibilities.
  4. We provide advocacy for the business owner and executive officers traveling. 

Think of us like your essential travel  professional assistant!

Company Information

Book Here, Give Here, LLC dba Travel Professional Services
Owner – Loulu Lima
CAGE: 7MR67 DUNS: 80273277
Reservations: +1-866-963-BOOK 
Skype: loululima
Payments Accepted: Credit Card, ACH

Our Core Competencies

Our Core Competencies | #1
Travel planning for individuals and groups including negotiations of accommodations. 

Our Core Competencies | #2
Concierge services for business owners and executive officers.

Our Core Competencies | #3
Comprehensive travel information from origin to destination and back to origin including every detail in between. 

Our Core Competencies | #4
Travel domestically and internationally where US Passports are allowed. 

Our Core Competencies | #5
Constant communication through email, phone, text and Whatsapp while traveling.

Our Core Competencies | #6
All-in-one destination assistance for anything travel oriented including support and coordination.

Our Core Competencies | #7
All travel and travel itineraries are curated and vetted by the owner of Travel Professional Services.

Our Core Competencies | #8
Should something come up while traveling, you have an advocate to help fix it.

Destination Inspirations


Hawaiian Islands Overview

Did you know that Aloha doesn’t mean hello? Although it is often used as a greeting, it really is so much more than that. As Robin explained it’s actually a value system that’s woven into the fabric of the Hawaiian people with a deep meaning. The term Aloha actually means “the breath of life” in Hawaiian so it’s literally giving and receiving the breath of life. And you know you really can’t have a more intimate connection with someone than letting them know your essence and it’s something that is really intangible.


BHGH Travel News

Welcome to #Trentino!

Welcome to #Trentino! Let’s embark on an unforgettable journey through the enchanting landscapes of San Lorenzo in #Banale! Tucked away in the Adamello Brenta Nature Park, this rustic village beckons


Our Codes

561510 Travel Agency* 

541618 Other Management Consulting Services 

561110 Office Administrative Services 

561320 Temporary Help Services

561439 Other Business Services Centers 

561520 Tour Operations

561599 Travel & Reservation Services 

561990 All Other Support Services

*Primary NAICS Code

9999 Miscellaneous

R497 Personal Services Contracts

R499 Other Professional Services

V002 Motor Pool Operations

V003 Packing / Crating Services

V111 Air Freight

V112 Motor Freight

V114 Stevedoring

V115 Vessel Freight

V119 Other Cargo and Freight Services

V121 Air Charter for Things

V122  Motor Charter for Things

V123 Rail Charter for Things

V124 Marine Charter for Things

V125 Vessel Towing Services

V126 Space Transportation & Launch Services

V127 Security Vehicle Services

V129 Other Vehicle Charter for Transportation of Things

V211  Air Passenger Service

V212 Motor Passenger Service

V213 Rail Passenger Service

V214 Marine Passenger Service

V221 Passenger Air Charter Service

V222 Passenger Motor Charter Service

V225 Ambulance Service

V226 Taxicab Services

V227 Navigational Aid and Pilotage Services

V228 Transport/Travel/Relocation – Recruitment, Port  Operations

V229 Transport/Travel/Relocation – Recruitment, Transit / Public Transport

V231  Lodging – Hotel/Motel

V241 Military Personnel Recruiting Services

V251 Civilian Personnel Recruitment Services

V301 Relocation Services

V302 Travel Agent Services

V999 Other Transportation, Travel, and Relocation Services


Members Of / Associations

Family Travel Association, The Travel Institute,  TL Network Member CCRA, Travel Leaders, League of Girlfriends, VTEAM, Polka Dot Powerhouse,  ASTA, Destination Weddings & Honeymoons Association and Specialist, Wellness Tourism Association, Tourism Cares, Certified Travel Specialist Travel Leaders, Distinctive Voyages. Culinary Collection, Certified Travel Associate, Cruise Lines International Association, Certified Family Travel Agent, Family Travel Association Adventure Travel Trade Association, American Society of Travel Advisors and True Accredited Travel Agency.

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