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Ciao! Today we are heading to Rome – and in particular to the Hotel Chapter Roma. I recently had the joy of welcoming the lovely Eleonora Zamagni who is the Sales and Marketing Manager for Hotel Chapter Roma to one of my video chat sessions so that she could showcase her beautiful hotel for us. And showcase it she did – along with giving us a little flavor of what we’ve been missing from Italy. So come along with me and take a tour of this gorgeous boutique hotel!


Location, Location, Location

Hotel Chapter Roma is located in a beautiful and vibrant district that just happens to be one of the most ancient neighborhoods in Rome. Eleonora tells us that in spite of the fact that it is located in an ancient area – it’s vibrant because it is also home to a host of contemporary art gallery’s – so the mix of the old and the new is amazing. Picture this – you can see Roman ruins dating back two thousand years before Christ together with contemporary artist shows and gallery’s – making it a perfect mix. You get that splash of history inside the contemporary heart of a neighborhood – which is something that is not too common in Rome! In addition to being in a cool part of town – the hotel is pretty much within walking distance to all the popular tourist sites. For instance, the Trevi Fountain is a 15 minute walk away, the Colosseum is a 20 minute walk and Plaza Navona is only seven minutes away, so you really have a great opportunity to be in the heart of everything historical along with amazing local artists that are really thriving and want to showcase their beautiful work for you. Eleonora put it perfectly – she said that they like to say that when you come here, you just walk in the history. You don’t need anything else besides your legs – you don’t need a car or the stress of hailing a taxi. You just walk and in five minutes you will arrive at something special. And then imagine that in another 13 minutes you’ll be throwing coins in the Trevi Fountain! She also shared that she visits the fountain at least once a year to throw her coin in to be sure that they don’t forget about her dream and it’s something that’s she truly recommends to everyone coming into Rome! And from personal experience – I do too!

Get A Room

The rooms at Hotel Chapter Roma are very modern in comparison to some of the other properties. And they are actually super warm because of the combination of the modern wooden floor together with brass and the velvet of the sofa. It is one of the best combination’s you can have, and the design is magnificent. Eleonora noted that you are also in one of the most historical places in Rome as the building itself as it dates back to the beginning of the 19th century. That being said you still have the contemporary aspects. This makes the mix the very same mix that you would find in the neighborhood homes. And – since it was their desire to stay very close to the people living near by – to their neighbors – they use only local artisans to furnish all the beautiful things that you see inside the hotel. And here’s a fun fact – the designer, together with the owner, took the inspiration of utilizing the brass and iron in the decor because the name of the street the hotel is located on is Maria de’ Calderari – which in Italian means black metals. Back in ancient times this is the street that you visited if you needed something made with iron as all the blacksmiths could be found here and they would take care of you.

Let’s Eat!

Of course, in good Roman fashion there’s plenty to eat and drink so let’s talk a little bit about all of the opportunities for food because everybody who comes to Italy wants something authentic! And per Eleonora if you want carbs, they have carbs! And this being one of the most ancient neighborhoods in Rome, is also actually the neighborhood where authentic Roman food was launched as it is the ancient Jewish quarter of Rome. The story goes that the first Jewish people coming over to Rome brought ingredients that were not found anywhere in Italy – so they mixed what they brought from Jerusalem with what they did find there and that is how Roman cuisine was founded right there in the neighborhood. place. And she insisted that when you visit you must try the deep fried artichoke – which is one of her favorites and is something that she used to have on Sundays at lunch at her my grandmothers – the starter was always fried artichokes! And we must mention the amazing lobby bar where you can start or end your night surrounded by local ambiance. The lobby bar is considered the heart of Chapter Roma and it is ranked number 455 in the world for the third year in a row so you must stop in and to try their signature drinks! The hotel also has a salad bar/coffee shop/juice bar/grocery story all in one called Market where you can get a lot of fresh food so you’re never going to feel hungry because there’s so much food to eat all around you! And bonus, it’s all fresh AND there are no GMOs in Italy, so it is going to taste mouthwatering. Eleonora noted that it is actually very popular among the students at the American University that is located just across from the hotel because it’s healthy plus they have smoothies! So, when you need to detox from the carbs you can hit the market for a smoothie – or as Eleanora said – after the carbonara visit the market and have an organic treat with no GMO’s! They also have a beautiful Michelin star restaurant – The Gourmet Restaurant – that at only a little over a year old gained a Michelin star. Per Eleanora that is thanks to the chef who is originally from Rome but trained among the masters at a three star Michelin restaurant in Copenhagen then returned to open this restaurant for Hotel Chapter Roma. And…there’s plenty of local traditional restaurants to visit here – some of them quite rustic and really authentic and plenty of fine dining too. Basically, it’s like the hotel – you can find everything you want depending on what you’re looking for!

Updated COVID-19 Information: As of this writing the CDC advises that you are fully vaccinated before traveling to Italy and recommends all unvaccinated travelers avoid nonessential travel to Italy.

For the CDC’s most up to date information on COVID-19 click here. And for the most up to date COVID protocols at Hotel Chapter Roma click here.


Pretty impressive, no? And rest assured that Eleanora will work with me to make sure that your stay is absolutely amazing – in fact she promised that the entire staff at Hotel Chapter Roma is trained to make sure you have an experience that you will remember for your entire life!

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