Where Can I Travel To If I Am Vaccinated? – Part 3

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Note: Each week we will be featuring a few of our most popular countries, islands, cities and states that are welcoming back vaccinated tourists – so be sure to check back here to see where you are free to travel to once again!                                                   

Welcome to part three of our series of blogs on where you can travel to if you are vaccinated. If you happened to miss our first and second blog entries you can check them out here and here.

But here’s a quick recap for you as well…

You’re vaccinated. And you are ready to get back out there and continue seeing the world like it’s 2019 all over again. Well – we have great news for you! That card that you now possess that says that you are vaccinated is your key to travel and has become just as important as your passport in getting where you want to go.

In an effort to assist you in figuring out which destinations are currently allowing US citizens back in to discover, explore and take in their history, their culture, their gastronomy and more, each week we will feature a few of our most popular countries, cities and states that are welcoming back vaccinated tourists – so be sure to check back weekly!

So fellow travel enthusiasts – ready for takeoff? Cool – then fasten your seatbelt, stow your carry on, get that tray table up and put your seat in an upright position– and for heaven’s sake don’t forget your passport and your CDC vaccination card – and prepare for departure!                                                                    

The Caribbean

Fan of crystal clear water, white sand, palm trees and plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures? Check out this destination in the Caribbean that’s open to vaccinated visitors only!

  • Antigua and Barbuda
    Looking for a tropical getaway where you can experience two different Caribbean islands – but you don’t want to do a cruise, which is what we typically think is the only way to get two – or more – for one? You’re in luck because we know just the place – or places – and they are Antigua and Barbuda. Referred to as “luxury without all the pomp and circumstance” and “a place of beautiful barefoot elegance,” these island destinations are simply stunning. Filled with a host of diverse activities, interesting history and culture and scrumptious cuisine that is representative of all the ethnicities that have chosen to make these islands their home – there is truly something for everyone here. For more details on this delightful dual island destination click here.

Middle East

Looking to add another area of the world to your bucket list? How about one of the fabulous countries in the Middle East? We have just the destination – check out this Middle Eastern country that is now open to vaccinated visitors.

  • Israel
    Located on the Mediterranean Sea, Israel is highly regarded by Jews, Christians and Muslims as the biblical Holy Land. But there is more than just religion to take in here. There are beautiful beaches, plenty of opportunities for “travel as a living classroom” thanks to its historical relevance and stunning landscapes including mountainous regions and fabulous nature reserves. You will also find vibrant nightlife, delicious cuisine and shopping opportunities galore in the dynamic city of Tel Aviv. Arts and culture abound here as well – thanks to street art and museums. And of course, it’s capital city of Jerusalem – the holiest city in the world – is filled with sites that will make you feel like you are travelling back in time.

United States

If you prefer to stay closer to home or travel to a US territory that does not require a passport, there are plenty of places in the United States open and ready to welcome you back. It is, however, important to note that vaccination is not a prerequisite for entry for US Citizens – all though a negative COVID test taken within one day of travel is.

  • Hawaii
    ​Since many of you are choosing to vacation domestically this year there’s no better time to highlight our 50th state as a fabulous option for travel winter, spring, summer or fall! These idyllic islands – that you don’t need a passport to enjoy – each have their own special allure. From the more cosmopolitan and touristy Honolulu on Oahu – to the lush greenery of Kauai – aka the Garden Island to the charming and artsy Front Street in Lahaina in Maui to the black sand beaches of the Big Island – and don’t forget the smaller islands of Molokai and Lanai as off the beaten path destinations – there’s just so much to see, do and explore – you may want to consider a longer stay or breaking it up into smaller trips to each island. For all the details on these gems click here!

So, there you have it folks – and this, of course, is only a handful of destinations that are currently only available for entry via proof of vaccination. For more destinations you vaccinated world travelers can visit, contact your Travel Gurus today and let’s get you back out into this great big, amazing world of ours!


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