#WhatsNewWednesday – St. Bart’s Is Now Open!

Howdy! It’s #WhatsNewWednesday and your Travel Gurus have more exciting news for you – St. Bart’s opened back up to US tourists today!

The following announcement was made in a recent press release from Nils Dufau, president of Tourism of Saint Barthélemy – which most of us know as St. Barts:

We are happy to inform that the French Government has authorized St. Barts to reopen its borders towards fully vaccinated US travelers from the 9th of June.

Visitors will be asked to provide documentation of negative RT-PCR Covid-19 test performed within three days prior to their arrival. Alternatively, an antigen test within 48 hours will be accepted as well.

Once on St. Barts, no quarantine nor self-isolation will be necessary. No Covid-19 tests will be required during your stay, except the usual one required according to your return destination, if needed.
Visitors under age 18 won’t need any vaccination and those below age 10 aren’t subjected to testing.

After two successful vaccination campaigns, the vast majority of our island’s citizens are now vaccinated, and our efficient Covid-19 testing center offers swift service for everyone.

Restaurants, boutiques, nautical activities as well as all services are being provided as usual. Hotels and villas are open.

Looking for a Caribbean Island getaway to recharge, relax and rejuvenate? This tropical paradise – located in the French Antilles – is just the place! From pristine white sand beaches to exceptional flora and fauna along numerous nature trails to arts and culture to amazing gastronomy and more – St. Barts has it all! What are you waiting for? Give you Travel Gurus a call and let’s get you booked to beautiful St. Barts!


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