Uncruise Adventures-Big Adventure Awaits

Uncruise Adventures

Howdy! You might remember our #FeatureFriday post regarding this unique cruise line…or Uncruise line. Uncruise Adventures is another small ship with big adventures! In fact, the ships are so small they can only accommodate up to 86 passengers! Still too big for your liking? How about 22, 36, or even 48 passengers? Incredible, right?!

Imagine your next adventure where the crew calls you by name and knows your personal preferences. Where your fellow travelers quickly become family and this adventure feels like home!

Sail away with me as we discover life on board your next Uncruise Adventure.


Wake up each morning and take advantage of the fitness equipment onboard. Or warm up those muscles in preparation for the days activities walking or even jogging laps around the deck. On days you decide to sleep in, you can still get your fitness on, because onboard you will find adventure gear for kayaking, paddle boarding, and hiking while in port!

After an exciting day of adventure soak in the on-deck hot tub. And of course, nutritious meals to reboot your body for the next day! Which leads us to…


Your culinary experience onboard begins with farm to table ingredients. That’s because Uncruise Adventures builds relationships with local farmers and vendors, providing you with fresh and sustainable food. And of course, all of your meals are included onboard.

Breakfast ranges from fresh fruit and pastries too a full hot or cold breakfast.

Enjoy tasty  sandwiches, hearty homemade soups, and regionally influenced dishes for lunch.

Sample hors d’oeuvres during cocktail hour.

Sumptuous dinners feature fresh local seafood and meat, and vegetarian dishes. And no need to worry about any dietary restrictions you may have. Your galley crew will ensure your meals are created with your needs in mind. Just be sure to let them know in advance!

Off the Beaten Path

As you might have heard me mention before, the most wonderful thing about small ships is their ability to dock in places the bigger guys aren’t able to. This provides you with destinations and experiences like no other and allows you to truly immerse yourself in the culture by meeting the locals.

Your Uncruise Adventure can take you to Alaska and the Pacific Northwest, Hawaii, Mexico, Costa Rica & Panama, Belize, and the Galapagos where you entry fees to the national parks/preserves are included!

Travel as a Living Classroom

Your Uncruise also provides you with expert guides. Their guides have vast and deep experience, plus an impressive collection of advanced degrees in curiosity-piquing subjects from wales to fungi to geology. Your education is endless on and off the ship!

So what are you waiting for? Your Uncruise Adventure awaits!! For price points and more on your Uncruise Adventure, contact your Travel Guru today! Oh, and if you need a payment plan to fund your travel adventure-we got those too!


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