U.S. – Off the Beat & Path: LOUISIANA GATOR TOURS

Louisiana’s formidable alligators aren’t the only wildlife living in the state’s southern swamps and bayous. That might be surprising to visitors who associate Louisiana with gators and little else, but Louisiana’s swamps and bayous are also home to numerous bears, beavers, foxes, nutrias and racoons, as well as dozens of amphibian and reptile species. Moreover, hundreds of birds flitter among the moss-draped cypress trees as numerous types of fish swim below. From the shores of Lake Pontchartrain to Cajun country and the delta regions of south Louisiana, visitors can explore these unique swamp adventures.

Honey Island Swamp is a vast, alligator-filled wetland in Louisiana with meandering creeks and a historical past. Take time to explore the bayous and other waterways of the swamp on this small-group excursion. The flat-bottomed boats, which usually carry up to 10 passengers, have the ability to maneuver narrow waterways, putting travelers within close proximity of the swamp’s alligators.

Many Louisiana swamp tours rely on motorized boats to navigate the state’s waterways, but some tours uses kayaks to explore the peaceful Manchac Swamp. Touring Louisiana’s waterways from the inside of a kayak is an exciting way to experience its swamplands. It’s also surprisingly peaceful, since motorized boats aren’t allowed in most areas. Many visitors to the Manchac Swamp opt for gator tours that last several hours and focus on spotting wildlife, but this company offers different options so you can decide what you prefer (such as meeting alligators up close or just seeing them in their natural habitats). This type of tour is perfect for experienced kayakers, while participants new to the sport should consider another trip that includes plenty of time to practice.



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