U.S – Off the Beat & Path: BOOTHBAY HARBOR, ME

Clamming, sailing and kayaking, the sweet sound of jazz music or the thrill of a concert at the Opera House. These are just some of the things you can do in Boothbay Harbor. Sometimes called “the soul of the coast,” Boothbay Harbor offers endless fun for everyone from summer folk to winter warriors. Throughout Boothbay, you will find many different nature trails to explore. The Boothbay Region Land Trust protects over 20 miles of gorgeous trail-filled paths for visitors to enjoy. There are a wide variety of trails for all levels — whether you just want to walk through the beautiful spots and lands around this small coastal Maine town or if you’re looking for a more exciting hike with beautiful views, you’ll be able to find it here.

If you are like me, and prefer your seafood to be cooked simply for maximum flavor over complexity and cost, then this extra hidden gem within Boothbay Harbor is for you. At first glance, Karen’s Hideaway might seem like any other roadside lobster shack on the Maine coast. Karen’s Hideaway offers one of the most unique dining experiences you’ll find along the coast, and definitely worth a stop. Karen’s Hideaway is a great place for a quick bite when in Boothbay Harbor. You can expect fresh food, friendly service, and a low price point.

The town is in southern Lincoln County, at the south end of a peninsula in the Gulf of Maine, part of the Atlantic Ocean. It is bordered to the west by the tidal Sheepscot River and to the east by Linekin Bay. The town center sits at the north end of Boothbay Harbor, which joins Linekin Bay to the south, past Spruce Point. Townsend Gut, to the southwest, separates the town of Boothbay Harbor from Southport Island. The town is bordered to the north and east by the town of Boothbay, to the south by the town of Southport, and to the west, across the Sheepscot River, by the towns of Westportand Georgetown. The island community of Isle of Springs is in the western part of the town, and West Boothbay Harboris in the west-central part of the town. Bayville is next to the eastern border of the town, close to East Boothbay. The town is crossed by state routes 27 and 96. Route 27 leads south into Southport and north 13 miles (21 km) to Wiscasset. Route 96 leads east 2 miles (3 km) to the village of East Boothbay and 5 miles (8 km) to its end at Ocean Point.

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