#TravelNewsTuesday – Update on Puerto Rico

Howdy! It’s #TravelNewsTuesday and today we have an update on entry requirements from fabulous Puerto Rico. According to Discover Puerto Rico – which is the official tourism website for PR – the new guidelines are as follows:

Starting May 28th, negative COVID-19 tests will only be required for passengers arriving on international flights and those who have not been fully vaccinated; a negative antigen test will also be accepted for these travelers. For those who must present a negative COVID-19 PCR or antigen test, the protocol will be as follows:

For passengers arriving with a negative test taken no more than 72 hours prior to arrival:

Upload their test result to the online portal, which will produce a QR Code required to leave the airport. Travelers will then be allowed to proceed with their trip.

For passengers awaiting results from a test taken no more than 72 hours prior to arrival:

Fill out the Travel Declaration Form and choose the option to upload test results later. A $300 fine will be issued automatically by the system. The passenger will have the option to upload a test receipt.

Once the traveler uploads the test result to the online portal within 48 hours after arrival, the fine will be dismissed. If the passenger fails to do so, the fine will go into effect.

The passenger will be required to self-quarantine while awaiting results.

Did you know there’s no passport required to enter a Puerto Rico? Yup – thanks to its status as a US territory – as an American citizen no passport is needed. Need more convincing? Check out my chat with Francisco Blanch the Director of Leisure Sales of Discover Puerto Rico here to see what an amazing destination PR is and then contact your Travel Gurus and let’s get your Puerto Rican getaway planned!


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