Why Use Travel Protection?

Embarking on a journey is exhilarating, but potential disruptions loom amidst the excitement. Travel protection emerges as a vital ally, providing a safety net for confident exploration. Unforeseen emergencies, such as illness or family crises, are addressed with coverage for medical expenses and assistance services, ensuring care without overwhelming costs. Trip cancellations or interruptions, often unforeseen due to emergencies or weather, are financially relieved through reimbursement. Lost or delayed baggage inconveniences are mitigated with coverage for replacement items. Navigating foreign lands becomes smoother with 24/7 travel assistance services, aiding in emergencies and language barriers.

Financially, travel protection acts as a safety net, reimbursing non-refundable expenses for cancellations or interruptions. In rare events like natural disasters, evacuation coverage becomes invaluable, ensuring a safe return home or to a suitable medical facility. In conclusion, travel protection is not optional but an essential investment offering peace of mind and financial security. It transforms travel from a potential stress source to an adventure filled with excitement, secured every step of the way. Consider the invaluable benefits of travel protection before your next journey, as your peace of mind becomes the greatest destination of all.


Who do we recommend?

Travel Insured International

Since 1994, Travel Insured International has been a trusted global travel companion, offering comprehensive insurance and assistance services. Travel Insured’s mission is to provide reliable coverage, easing the stress of travel disruptions. With nearly 30 years of expertise, they empower travelers with peace of mind, fostering valuable relationships with the community of adventurous travelers and industry partners.


Faye was created with the belief that travel is essential for well-being, and you deserve coverage that prioritizes you. Their team of insurance and travel experts crafted the first person-first travel insurance and assistance offering. Their mission is to exceed expectations, providing quality service and value throughout your entire journey, from booking to liftoff to checkout. Rest assured, plans are backed by United States Fire Insurance Company, A-rated by A.M. Best in 2021.

Speak with your travel guru for additional details and options to find what works best for you!

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