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Howdy! Did you know that when you travel with Book Here, Give Here you are being a socially responsible traveler?

You are indeed! And that’s because we search out and work with small, local business owners like ourselves in every destination we sell, in a conscious effort to keep travel sustainable and equitable. These small business owners become our partners, our friends, our eyes and ears on the ground and together we create memories that will last you a lifetime while meeting social responsibility by making travel sustainable and equitable in the destination you visit. What does this mean? It means your tourism dollars stay local and these destinations thrive because of tourism. And that’s a pretty darn good feeling!

Book your next adventure with Book Here, Give Here and everyone wins! Contract your Travel Gurus today and let’s talk travel!


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Howdy! Today I am taking you to the island Sicily for a bit of amore – or Italian love! And we are getting this fabulous overview of this incredible destination thanks to my friend Sebastiano Peluso, the founder of Discover Italy, which is a company that is actually based in the US and represents different local tour operators in Sicily – which just so happens to be Sebastiano’s hometown.


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