It’s #WineWednesday!

Howdy! It’s #WineWednesday and today we decided to throw out some destination ideas that you can visit if you are looking to center your trip around wine or – just want to taste some really fabulous vino during your travels! (You’re welcome! )

Since there are so many wonderful wine producers throughout this great big world of ours this will definitely be a continuing series. Here are the first five we chose – in no particular order:

1. Napa Valley – Be sure and take the Napa Wine Train excursion here!
2. New York Finger Lakes Region – A stop at Hazlitt’s to learn the jingle is a must!
3. Hungary – Bull’s Blood anyone?
4. Georgia (The Country) – Wine here is fermented in earthenware vessels known as kvevris as opposed to wooden barrels.
5. France – We don’t believe this one needs an explanation!
So, hop on the #WineWedsneday wagon, grab a class of that yummy “grape juice” and give your Travel Gurus a call to get your next adventure booked and prepare to taste some yummy blends!


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Howdy! Today I am taking you to the island Sicily for a bit of amore – or Italian love! And we are getting this fabulous overview of this incredible destination thanks to my friend Sebastiano Peluso, the founder of Discover Italy, which is a company that is actually based in the US and represents different local tour operators in Sicily – which just so happens to be Sebastiano’s hometown.


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