Happy Earth Day!

In honor of #NationalEarthDay your Travel Gurus would like to take this time to remind you that taking care of this amazing planet of ours falls on all of us. How can you help?

There are a number of ways – all free of charge and easy to accomplish. For instance – recycle what ever you can. Instead of driving to work ride your bike if possible. Find new uses for items that no longer serve their original purpose. Switch to energy efficient appliances. Support green businesses. This list can go on and on – check with your community for more ways you can help keep our planet green locally.

And remember – part of our mission here at Book Here, Give Here is sustainability. That’s why we work with small business owners in destinations like ourselves. They are our eyes and ears on the ground and partner with us to create memories of a lifetime and helps us meet our social responsibility in destination by making travel sustainable and equitable. Your tourism dollars stay local, and the destinations thrive because of tourism.

Now go out and do something to make Mother Earth proud today!


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Howdy! Today I am taking you to the island Sicily for a bit of amore – or Italian love! And we are getting this fabulous overview of this incredible destination thanks to my friend Sebastiano Peluso, the founder of Discover Italy, which is a company that is actually based in the US and represents different local tour operators in Sicily – which just so happens to be Sebastiano’s hometown.


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Durango, Colorado

Howdy! It is Small Town Saturday and I am so excited to explore Durango, Colorado with you. Durango is more than just skiing. It is also home to some of