Frida Kahlo: A New Immersive Exhibit

Frida Kahlo

Howdy! Frida Kahlo is known and loved for her folk art style. After a horrific bus accident, Frida began painting; she was 18 years old. She was bedridden for months and suffered from chronic pain for the rest of her life. In total, Frida has 143 paintings, 55 of which are self-portraits. Her signature eyebrows are one of her most notable features.

Her art has recently grown in popularity, which is good news for Frida fans everywhere. This spring, a new Frida Kahlo exhibit will be opening in seven North American museums, titled Frida: Immersive Dream.  The same team that created Immersive Van Gogh brings you this magical exhibit.

The exhibit will feature 500,000 cubic feat of projections and 1,200,000 video frames. In addition to some of her most popular paintings, visitors will also be shown photographs of Frida’s most influential people, such as her husband Diego Rivera.  All projections are set to music composed by Luca Longobardi.

Kahlo’s Diego and I recently sold this November for $34.9 million – the most a Latin American artwork has ever sold for.

Where can you experience Frida Kahlo?


Dates: February 10 through May 8, 2022
Where: Lighthouse ArtSpace at the Castle


Dates: February 24 through May 28, 2022
Where: Lighthouse ArtSpace at Germania Club


Dates: February 3 through April 17, 2022
Where: Lighthouse ArtSpace Dallas


Dates: March 3 through May 30, 2022
Where: Lighthouse ArtSpace Denver


Dates: February 17 through April 17, 2022
Where: Lighthouse ArtSpace Houston

Los Angeles

Dates: March 31 through June 11, 2022
Where: Lighthouse ArtSpace Los Angeles


Dates: March 31 through May 29, 2022
Where: Lighthouse Artspace Toronto

Contact your Travel Guru to learn price points, and additional things to see and do in any of these exciting cities. Oh, and if you need a payment plan to fund your Frida: Immersive Dreams vacation –  we got those too!


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