Why the Jungle Should Be Your Next Vacation

Howdy! There’s a variety of forests that exist around the world. There’s temperate, boreal, and tropical forest. In all of these environments, there exist getaways that will enclose one in a lung of branches, expelling fresh air and the sound of creatures that individual trees house. Welcome to #junglesunday’s where BHGH has chosen a moist […]

Switzerland’s Luxurious Yet Simple Life

Howdy! Today’s blog post is a personal favorite. It’s my second home where I studied at University in the ’90s.  Engelberg, Switzerland From its humble beginnings as a medieval monastery, the town of Engelberg grew into what is now one of Switzerland’s most premier ski villages. Centered around Kloster Engelberg, the 12th-century monastery which still […]

The Grand Diversity of Mexican Nightlife

Howdy! Ay, mi México lindo. There is a multitude of spaces to experience within you, yet I still have to pick a few. Decisions, decisions… I got a handful for you. Let’s dive into the locations that will refresh the outlook some may have on Mexico’s night activities, which may center around the idea of […]

Pre-plan an Unforgettable Chinese New Year for 2023

Howdy! you don’t have to be in China to celebrate one of the country’s most popular festivities which is the Spring Festival, also known as Chinese New Year! Welcome to #festivefridays, where you are sure to find a celebration happening near your home or across seas as long as you contact your Travel Guru! Halfway […]

New Mexico-Most Scenic Drive

Howdy! Welcome to our #scenicdrivesunday! Living nomadic has become a modern movement, the idea of encountering a variety of diverse environments within a short span of time is sought out after not only #vanlifers but also anyone who would like every moment of a dive or road trip to have incredible charm.  If you have […]

7 Items You Should Pack in your Carry On

Carry on

Howdy! It’s time! Your vacation has officially arrived and its time to pack! However, your excitement for your travel adventure is causing a brain lapse and suddenly you aren’t sure what to pack!! Never fear-your Travel Guru’s are here to save the day! We are going to tell you the absolutely most important things you […]