BHGH News Flash – Alaska Cruises To Resume This Summer!

Howdy! Thought you were going to have to put off that Alaskan cruise again until next summer? Think again!

A bill allowing cruise ships to visit Alaska – despite the current cruise ban in Canada – has been passed. Why the need for such a bill to begin with? It’s all due to the fact that the current Passenger Vessel Services Act (PVSA) requires foreign-flagged ships (which most large cruise ships are) to stop in at least one foreign port when sailing between two U.S. ports. The new bill suspends this requirement as long as Canada is closed to cruise ships (currently through February of 2022) thus enabling Alaskan cruises to resume. In response Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, Princess and Holland American have all announced their intentions to return to Alaska for what will be an abbreviated season – but a season none-the-less!

Now, it just so happens we have an amazing cruise expert on our team – Travel Guru Magda Byrne – who would love to help plan the perfect Alaska cruise for you! These cruises are bound to fill up fast so don’t delay – give us a call today and let’s get you back on the high seas!


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