The Bloody Mary is Officially 100 Years Old!

Bloody Mary

Howdy! The Bloody Mary is an iconic drink you can find all over the world. Most recently, its popularity has grown in the US. You find it at just about any brunch table and restaurant.

In 1921, it is believed this vodka-tomato concoction was conceived in Paris, France by Fernand Petiot. The recipe was first published in Harry’s ABC of Cocktails and is celebrating its 100th birthday today!

The Bloody Mary combines salt and pepper, Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice, vodka and tomato juice and all mixed right in the glass.

Bloody Mary’s Origination

There are many stories behind the name Bloody Mary. According to it’s inventor, Petiot, said he named it after a dancer, Mary, who worked at the Bucket of Blood in Chicago.

But there are many other stories out there.

One in particular relates back to Hemmingway. According to this story, Hemmingway was dating a woman named Mary, right before he got married. In order to mask the alcohol on his breath, he asked for a drink with juice and was saying ‘bloody Mary’ while he was drinking.

Happy Birthday Bloody Mary

Harry’s Bar will be celebrating this occasion in accordance with France’s recent COVID-19 requirements.

All guests are required to show proof of full vaccination along with a negative test within 24 hours or recent recovery from COVID-19. The French government is attempting to avoid lockdown by expanding the places where vaccination passes are required. Nightclubs remain closed.

Bloody Mary enthusiasts have traveled from around the world to help celebrate this Centenary birthday.

The Worlds Best Bloody Mary

Naturally, Harry’s Bar tops the list of where you can find the Worlds Best Bloody Mary, but several others boast the same title.  So if Paris is too far for you to venture off to, try some of these US destinations that have perfected the Bloody Mary.

Stingray’s New Orleans: There are several bars in NOLA that take their garnishes for their Bloody Mary’s very seriously. Some drinks come with so many garnishes it’s almost a meal in itself and Stingray’s is no different. One Bloody Mary in particular is topped with a giant soft shell crab and green beans.

The King Cole Bar at the St. Regis Hotel, NYC: The King Cole Bar is not known to be very adventurous with their garnishes. In fact the only garnish you will get is a wedge of lime. What makes their Bloody Mary’s so spectacular is their secret recipe. The recipe is premixed so as the bartender pours your drink you will only see the mixture with a generous pour of vodka.

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