Thailand Beaches: Pattaya Beach

Howdy! Let’s talk about Pattaya Beach, another beautiful beach in Thailand. The city of Pattaya is on the Eastern Gulf Coast in Chonburi province, in Eastern Thailand. Since the 1960s, Pattaya has been a popular destination for both local and foreign visitors. It is the place to go for people who want to get away from the stress of modern life for a while. If that sounds like you, keep reading!
Overlooking the Gulf of Thailand
Situated on the eastern part of Pattaya Bay, this magnificent beach stretches across 3 kilometres, making it one of the top attractions and incomparably beautiful beaches of Thailand.
A Cut Above
Besides the unparalleled beauty of this beach, its seafront is also famous for its sport and recreational activities. Pattaya Beach, situated around 210 kilometres south of Bangkok, offers ample scope for avid water sport lovers in the warm,
limpid waters of the Gulf of Thailand.
The Full Package
Theme park and zoo, cultural shows, and number of fine restaurants cater to the tourists visiting the beach. Besides swimming, parasailing, jet skiing, and other water sport activities, one can also plan a fun-filled vacation by catching the regular events that are held near the beach, especially during New Year, Spring Break, and Christmas holiday.
Walking on the Beach
Visitors to Pattaya Beach can enjoy a memorable evening by walking down the white-sand beach or a guided tour down the bay to see the sunset turning the sky, waters, and the famously beautiful islands to gold. The north end is lined with high-rise hotels while the south end has mid-range accommodations as well as a number of restaurants and bars. These options make the beachside walk in Pattaya quite different and exciting for you.
Sipping Coffee at Night
On weekends, this beach is a hang-out for an exciting and fun nightlife. Walking down the promenade area of this beach at night is an unforgettable experience as you discover the partying area along with all those enjoying a drink and making memories!
Top Reasons to Visit Pattaya Beach
  1. Despite being an international tourist destination, Pattaya Beach has managed to hold on to its natural beauty.
  2. Pattaya Beach is a great place for family trips and ideal for families with kids (especially those who are crazy about water sports).
  3. Pattaya Beach actually has excellent water quality (this is definitely one of the cleanest beaches in Thailand).
  4. Pattaya Beach is one of the most affordable beaches in Thailand.
  5. Pattaya Beach is also great for shopping!

If this sounds like your next adventure, contact us today and we’ll make sure it ends up on your itinerary!


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