Take A Break – A Spring Break!

Take A Break – A Spring Break! Here we are in March already! My gosh those first two months of 2021 flew by, didn’t they? They did for your Chief Travel Guru and now that we are into March that means its time to start planning your spring break (or Easter or Passover or however you want to theme it) getaway.

Now, it may not be the best time to travel out of the country since the mandate still exists that everyone entering the US must present a negative COVID test – even US citizens. But don’t forget we have 50 amazing states that offer a multitude of destinations that are just waiting for us to discover them. And you are in luck my friends because I have gathered some great, safe places for you to visit below!


Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park

It’s hard to think of a better way to practice social distancing than by being surrounded by the scenic Rocky Mountains. That and the fact that Colorado is on the list of states with the least positive COVID tests these days. Whether you are looking to rough it or five star it we can set you up with the perfect accommodations – including renting an RV which has become an incredibly popular way to vacation in the past year. While you are there you will have the opportunity to check out the 415 square miles via foot, bike or even horseback. If you’re an angler there are 156 lakes to take on. And of course, there are ample opportunities to view wildlife including elk, mountain goats, white tail deer and more – at a safe distance of course. Rocky Mountain National Park is one of the nation’s highest national parks and – it is actually a designated UNESCO International Biosphere Reserve making it – according to UNESCO – a “learning place for sustainable development.” Pretty impressive, no?

Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. gets a high five for being one of the areas of the US that handled the pandemic better than most – and thus has been able to re-open indoor activities – such as dining – with limited capacity. Our nation’s capital is an amazing destination to travel to any time of the year thanks to all of the history, arts, culture, gastronomy and more that await its visitors. However – Washington D.C. in the springtime is a must see thanks to those oh so stunning cherry trees. When they bloom into life it is like they are officially announcing that winter is behind us. And after the weather some of us have endured the past few months that is a welcome announcement to say the least. The annual National Cherry Blossom Festival will be held this year form March 2nd through April 11th. Peak times vary from year to year so I will certainly research that for you to get an idea of what it is looking like this year. And in addition to those famous blooms, for a great introduction to everything else that D.C. has to offer check out my video chat with Destination D.C. here.


Aloha! Nothing like a tried-and-true beach vacation. And being here in Austin I happen to know that Hawaiian Airlines has non-stop flights for my local peeps. Plus, Hawaii leads the states – as of this writing – with the lowest number of positive COVID cases. But there’s more. Since Hawaii actually has several islands to choose from – each with their own special flavor – but all with jaw dropping scenery – you can make it a multi-destination trip if you like. Here you will find miles and miles of both white and black sand picturesque beaches, active as well as dormant volcanos, rainforests and more. The best part is that although at times it can resemble a different country or even continent – it’s not – so no passport needed. Hawaii has been known to be on a bucket list or two – and there is no better time to check it off then now. Why not make what may be your first vacation in over a year a memorable one?


Gosh I love the promise of springtime – this year more than ever! Now of course, these are just three of many safe options for you to choose from for travel in the next few months. For more ideas on where to spend your spring break contact Book Here, Give Here today and we’ll help you curate the perfect getaway.


Note: State COVID-19 requirements vary and change periodically. Your Travel Gurus are on top of all state regulations and will be your trusted source of guidance during any trip you plan with them. And of course, CDC guidelines that by now are very well known should always be followed no matter where you are. They include wearing a mask, social distancing of at least six feet and frequent hand washing and sanitizing.

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Did you know that Aloha doesn’t mean hello? Although it is often used as a greeting, it really is so much more than that. As Robin explained it’s actually a value system that’s woven into the fabric of the Hawaiian people with a deep meaning. The term Aloha actually means “the breath of life” in Hawaiian so it’s literally giving and receiving the breath of life. And you know you really can’t have a more intimate connection with someone than letting them know your essence and it’s something that is really intangible.


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