St. Lucia in the Caribbean

Close your eyes and imagine yourself reclining on a sandy white beach, soaking volcanic mud baths of Soufriere, ziplining through green rainforests, savoring island food and riding ATVs through the countryside or snorkeling in crystal clear waters. That is St Lucia. It is equal parts beauty and mystique , St. Lucia captivates anyone who sets foot on her coastline. An evocative island, st lucia welcomes visitors with hospitable people. It is the only sovereign nation to be named for a woman, St. Lucia personifies adventure and inspiration. And island where you return again and again.

Small island but reach in attractions. Take, for example, North Saint Lucia. It is one of the most popular locations for visitors to stay everything is just few minutes away. Nature lovers will appreciate pigeon island national park, which you can reach by car over a causeway. The park offers hiking opportunities as well as places for kayaking, snorkeling and swimming or simply take some time to walk around the old fort ruins and transport yourself to the 1700s. It is the Mome of Rodney bay with some incredible beaches. Or you can visit Treasure Bay Casino and try your luck.

The south is closer to the airport and it is also the side of beautiful beaches such as Sandy Beach and Anse des Sables Beach both offer clear water and white sand to relax on.

the west coast of St. Lucia is home to Soufriere, the original french capital. It is very popular tourist destination and a port for many cruise ships. A walk around the old town is a must. Soufriere is tucked just under the petit piton (the name actually comes from the smell of sulfur emissions from the now dormant volcanic plug. You can leave the town and go hiking around the piton and swim in some of the most impressive waterfalls. At Anse Chastanet beach is one of top snorkeling beaches in the area.

The central part of the island is home to various forest reserves that protect the natural plant and animal life of St. Lucia. Edmund forest reserve is one of the most popular out of all these. Hike past streaming waterfalls and rushing streams to reach some of the best views of the island. St. Lucia has great food, amazing snorkeling and pristine beaches that makes this island a fantastic destination.

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