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Wellness is more than workouts and green juice.
It's the commitment to discover and ignite your best self, and to prioritize what makes you feel good.
To be well is to constantly unlock and redefine your comfort zone.
It's showing kindness to your body while simultaneously challenging what you think to be the limit of your capability.


It is for the purpose of promoting health and well-being through physical, psychological, or spiritual activities we offer the following four aspects in the wellness experience:

Spa treatments
Spiritual and/or mind-oriented activities

This can be done as a complete getaway with wellness as a focus or as part of an all inclusive getaway. 

Our owner, Loulu Lima, Certified Select Wellness Travel Specialist, customizes Wellness Vacations worthy of the most discriminating travelers’ praise.

Our affiliate partner, About the Journey, specializes in Corporate Wellness with off-site and in-office options available. Also search their site for wellness events and activities in your local area, or those taking place while on the amazing Wellness Vacation that Loulu & team have planned for you!

Whichever way you choose to add wellness to your trip, we are here to guide you! 


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