Ski Trip Bucket List: THE FRENCH ALPS

France has earned its spot as one of the most popular ski destinations in Europe. Its wide variety of slopes, expansive snow totals and relatively easy access from North America have made it a go-to for skiers looking for a winter trip. If you are considering taking a trip to France for skiing, this blog post will provide you with everything you need to know about planning your trip.

Skiing in France? Yes. That’s right — skiing in France! Or more precisely, skiing in the Alps. The French Alps, to be precise. There aren’t really any mountains in France because most of the country isn’t above 1,000 feet of elevation. But there are the Alps!

Why France, you ask? Well, France has so many things going for it as a snow sport destination. Most importantly — the terrain of course! France is a must for any serious skier. There are so many spots to ride and each offers something different from the last.

In France, people talk about the Northern French Alps and the Southern French Alps. The French Alps are great for ski touring and spring skiing. It’s less crowded than the Alps in Switzerland, Austria, and Italy.

You can ski in France and choose from a huge variety of resorts. The whole country is a skier’s dream, with 2,000 ski resorts strewn throughout its mountains. If you’re planning to enjoy some quality skiing in France, chances are you’ll be staying in either the 3 Valleys or the Tarentaise Valley. Both of these valleys have a number of ski areas within easy reach for day trips and not too far from the more famous resorts of Courchevel and Meribel!

The French Alps are a skiers dream. Whether you like cruising down Alpine valleys, endless steep chutes, off-piste powder-lovers, the French Alps have it all. Need to find your perfect ski resort in France? We hope this handy guide to help you narrow down your search for your next international ski trip destination!

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