Ski Trip Bucket List: CANADA

The next stop on our trip around the world as we explore some of the top ski resorts on the planet, is the beautiful country of Canada! It is home to North America’s largest ski resort, Whistler Blackcomb, which contains an enormous ski village that may require a detailed write-up of its own. We’ll also be taking a look at the gorgeous Mont Tremblant Resort which is a quick one hour drive from Montreal, which allows us the perfect opportunity to enjoy the luxury of city life after a day on the slopes.

To start we’ll be landing in Vancouver as we make our way to an adrenaline junkie’s paradise, Whistler Blackcomb. There are numerous opportunities to live like an action movie star, due to heli-skiing being a huge draw for skiers worldwide. We could also experience what it would be like to be a 2010 Olympic Bobsleigh pilot, as Whistler offers those with the need for speed a chance to pilot their own Skeleton or Bobsleigh on a track which routinely has pilots reaching over 80 km/h! This way even if we get tired of our skis, we don’t need to leave the mountain, although with the many top-tier restaurants to be found in the village, who would want to? Beginner’s should not fret though, because even with all these adrenaline-fueled activities to be found, Blackcomb houses beginner friendly slopes throughout the resort.

For those of us who’ve had our fill of helicopters and high-speed bobsleds, we may prefer to ski the slightly tamer, Mont Tremblant. There are 43 different runs to explore with plenty of beginner friendly zones throughout. One of the biggest benefits of skiing these mountains, however, is the fact that Montreal is a quick one hour drive away. This means that many of us will be able to cross another destination off our bucket lists as we explore Notre Dame or partake in one of the elegant upscale dining experiences to be found along the many walking tours to be found throughout the city. There’s something for everyone to enjoy, sometimes you just need to know where to look.

So, if you love the slopes but are tired of your usual mountains, reach out to us at Book Here Give Here! We are specialists in world wide experiences, and if Canada doesn’t quite sound like the ski trip you’ve always dreamt of, then we are happy to help you plan your adventure to any of the numerous mountaintops around the world. We look forward to helping make your dream ski trip a reality. See you at the summit!

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