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Road Tripping with Book Here, Give Here If you’re still nervous about flying but can’t stand the thoughts of staying home much longer, there is an alternative that many people are turning to since the pandemic hit. They’re skipping security lines and hitting the road for good old fashioned road trips!

The Travel Gurus here at Book Here, Give Here have actually been curating road trips for our clients for years as an alternative for those who aren’t fond of flying – so we have lots of experience in this type of get away. And now, since the pandemic hit, those who had no issues with flying previously are finding themselves a bit weary of getting back in the air and we are seeing an influx of requests for these types of itineraries. (Although rest assured the airlines have done a fabulous job of upping their safety game as far as health risks are concerned.)

So – just how do we go about putting together the perfect road trip for you and your traveling companions? It’s really quite simple. We put the same love and care into every piece of a road trip as we would if you were traveling via air. You tell us where you are heading, what is important for you to see and do, how many hours per day you want to travel, what kind of accommodations you are looking for and we take it from there. Should you want to rent a car or perhaps an RV – we can make that happen too. And of course – we also make sure to add in our four main pillars to enhance your experience – ​which include wellness, gastronomy, off the beaten path destinations and travel as a living classroom.

Now we realize that this may be a new way of travel for many of you – unlike most of the children of the 70’s who thought this was the ONLY way to travel. So, perhaps the best way to explain how a road trip would work is to map out a sample itinerary for you. Shall we? Ok then – let’s do it!


So, let’s say you saw our super awesome video chat with Graham from Sweet Home Alabama and decided you want to explore this hidden gem of a state from top to bottom. And you are bringing along your kids – who you have been homeschooling – to give them a change of scenery as well. Oh, and to sneak in some travel as a living classroom experiences – but – shhhh – ​we won’t tell them. And they will be having so much fun they won’t realize that they are being schooled!

We would start you out say up north in Huntsville where you can check out the US Space and Rocket Center -which is the world’s largest space and artifact museum where you can stand within a foot of an actual moonrock. Yes – something that was once on the surface of the moon – how incredible is that? And if you plan to be there on a weekend, we can get you hooked up with one of their programs that they offer for moms and dads to participate in with their sons and daughters – making this stop truly educational for all of you.

Next you can head down to Decatur where you can check out the Cook Museum of Natural Science for another fantastic educational opportunity, especially if the kiddos are into bugs and insects and the whole study of entomology! But even if they aren’t – they will be after visiting this beautiful state of the art facility!

Moving on from STEM subjects you can then take them on a deeply moving tour of history with stops along the US Civil Rights Trail which is a catalog of the different sites throughout the southeast that played pivotal roles in the modern civil rights movement. In Birmingham, you can visit 16th Street Baptist Church where four young girls tragically lost their lives to a Ku Klux Klan bombing in 1963. In Selma, you can make a stop at the Edmund Pettus Bridge which was the site of the brutal Bloody Sunday beatings of civil rights marchers. And in Montgomery, you don’t want to miss a tour of Dexter Avenue Baptist Church – ​which is the only church that Dr. Martin Luther King ever pastored at.

And to end up your tour of the state and have some relaxation and play time – a stay at one of the sugar white sand beaches that are much sought after by those who visit Alabama is on the agenda. Be it Gulf Shores Main Public Beach, Cotton Bayou Beach or a host of others – you have your choice of where to lay your blanket thanks to a coastline that stretches 32 miles.


Of course – this is just a broad overview and just one of the infinite possibilities for a road trip itinerary here in the good old USA. Also included in your curated vacation will be fabulous local restaurants to dine in along the way – with reservations pre-made if possible, the perfect accommodations in those cities and towns you choose to overnight in (including campgrounds if you are RV’ing it!), where you can find gas stations and rest areas along the route and pretty much whatever else you can think of that you would need to make your trip complete!

You may come to us with exactly where you want to go and the things you want to stop and experience along the way or you may come to us with absolutely no idea other than the fact that you need to get out of your four walls and hit the road. Either way – we would love to assist you in making that road trip a reality so let’s get that conversation started!


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