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Portugal is indeed a must destination. The people are very nice, the food is superb, and the sites are countless, but in addition to the mainland there is a thrilled destination of a different type of sightseeing: visiting the Portuguese islands. Portugal has some of the most beautiful and fascinating islands on earth. It actually has twenty three inhabited islands scattered across the Atlantic Ocean, each one of them having a distinct culture and unique spirit to it. 

Portugal also is home to some of the best surfing in the world. Not only that, but you can taste mouth watering local dishes, enjoy breathtaking scenery, and stunning sandy white beaches.

One of them is Sao Miguel Island: part of the popular group called the Azores Islands. Scattered throughout the island are volcanic calderas and the abundance of mineral hot springs which is a perfect place to relax on a long day spent sightseeing around the island. A true adventure could be to go on a hike through the hiking trails surrounding what the locals call Las Sete Cidades Caldera. 

Sao Miguel is also known for its beautiful beaches and dolphin and whale watching tours.

Another beautiful island from the Azores group is Flores. The landscape is impressive and full of high peaks and deep valleys. The scenery is impressive. Flores speaks to all the nature lovers: you can enjoy kayaking, hiking, swimming and even whale watching, enjoy the waterfalls, including the famous Poco do Bacalhao falls close to Faja Grande.

There is also the island of Madeira, one of the most popular and sought-after Portuguese islands with its pleasant and nice weather, also sought after for its beaches, and for its nature with its green forests that you can get lost for hours and of course for the kayaking, horse riding, fishing, and paragliding.

Then, a visit to the Algarve islands is a must. Every year the sunny region of Algarve attracts more than 4 million tourists with its gorgeous beaches, soaring cliffs, and cavernous bays. 

Actually, the best of the Algarve islands are the Culatra, the Armona, the Travira, and the deserted island of Algarve.

Just south of Faro and Olhao, the Culatra island is a beautiful island with golden sand stretching through miles. The Culatra island is one of the isles in Ria Formosa Natural Park. One can get there by a small  passenger ferry. There is a famous 1.5 hour walk from the village where the ferries stop to the other village where you can depart from. Half of the trail is a long wooden walkway and the other half passes through the each. 

One of the most popular Algarve islands is the Armona island, a true paradise. With its romantic cobbled streets and pristine, white beaches, it is the perfect escape from the vibrant mainland. If you are thinking about spending holidays in Armona, ask your travel guru to book you a room at the Quinta do Lago hotel, where the rich frequently go. Armona offers a wide range of cafes, bars and rental beach houses. 


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