Pearl Seas Cruises: Explore Well

Pearl Seas Criuses

Howdy! Welcome back to Wave Wednesday! Over the past several weeks we have been featuring some of the best small ship cruise lines. Today, is no different as we are exploring Pearl Seas Cruises.

Pearl Seas Cruises is the premier small cruise ship on the Canadian Maritimes, St. Lawrence Seaway, Great Lakes, and East Coast. Pearl Seas offers you the excitement and romance of the sea in an intimate and personalized setting.

Let’s discover what makes Pearl Seas Cruises so special and unique!

Pearl Seas Cruises Inclusions

You may be surprised by everything a Pearl Seas cruise has to offer. For such a small ship she sure creates a large bang for her guests.

Each stateroom includes it’s own private balcony and full-sized bathrooms! You can find a lounge for just about any mood onboard as well. You can create lasting memories with your new found friends while enjoying panoramic views and comfortable seating areas.

Enjoy open dining and exquisite cuisine onboard. Every menu is infused with unique regional elements. There is something for everyone and changes to complement the season and the region in which you are traveling. Locally grown, sustainable food is used to create regionally inspired meals, and beer and wine are complementary.

Practice your golf swing on the putting green on the top deck and every evening you and your new friends will enjoy complimentary cocktail hour!

Naturalists and historians are usually onboard almost every cruise ship. You’ll have plenty to do while on board, from lectures to musical performances, plus each expert knows the history and ecology of the region you’re sailing in. 

What to Expect

Pearl Seas Cruises prides themselves on personalized service. Your journey accommodates up to 210 passengers. Crew members are professionally trained to not only learn your name, but also quickly understand your preferences. When you return to the ship after an excursion, the crew may even provide you with your favorite snack or drink.

The Master Chefs will provide you with delicious meals every day. They will also work with you to help accommodate any special dietary requests you may have.

If you happen to be celebrating a birthday or anniversary, your crew members can work with you to help create a special moment with cake or champagne. They can even invite friends onboard to join you for a dinner celebration or cocktails!

During a Pearl Seas Cruise, casual resort wear is recommended on board and ashore, so formal wear is not necessary. For dinner, men’s clothing might include a sport shirt of slacks, with a sport coat or sweater. Ladies might find a sweater and slacks, or a dress more appropriate-the choice is yours!

We highly recommend you bring comfortable walking shoes, a hat, light rainwear and a jacket for cool evenings while ashore. There is no restriction on luggage but with such a flexible dress code there really is no need to pack multiple suitcases!

If you are looking for a pre-cruise package, Pearl Seas has you covered. They work with leading hotels at all departure points and offers passengers a special discounted rate. You will be able to fly in a day early and explore your departure city. Many of the hotels offer complimentary shuttles to the ship on the morning of your cruise as well!

Book Now

So what are you waiting for?! Pearl Seas Cruises offers you an unique experience right here in North America! Contact your Travel Guru for destinations and price points! Oh, and if you need a payment plan to fund your travel adventure-we got those too!


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