Paul Gauguin Cruises: Luxurious South Pacific Cruising

Paul Gauguin-Tahiti

Howdy! If your dream is to sail through the beautiful South Pacific on a luxurious small ship, Paul Gauguin is the ship for you!  In order to ensure exceptional service and luxury, Paul Gauguin has a 1:1.5 crew-to-guest ratio.

The Gauguin accommodates 330 guests aboard its 7 passenger decks. Her décor captures the cultural heritage of the islands providing a warm and friendly feel. Grab your umbrella drink and discover why Paul Gauguin Cruises has been voted “World’s Best Small-Ship Cruise Line” by Travel + Leisure.


You might think a small ship, like The Gauguin, couldn’t possibly incorporate wellness! Step into the Deep Nature Spa by Algotherm and you will discover their perfect, award-winning onboard spa.

With services such as aromatherapy, massage, reflexology, body wraps, skin therapies, skin exfoliation as well as nail and hair services you can be sure you experience the most luxurious and tailored pampering that you deserve. You can also experience an overwater massage while you spend the day on Motu Mahana, their private South Pacific paradise.

For the fitness enthusiast, you can workout in their fully equipped fitness center. You can find Lifecycles, treadmills, stair climbers and even weight machines. Take advantage of a morning mile-long walk or a sunrise Polynesian-inspired Zumba class.


You can enjoy 1 of 3 restaurants onboard The Gauguin providing you with a five-star culinary adventure.

L’Etoile is the main dining room where you will find fine table linens and delicate china. Dinner is served with delectable and expertly prepared dishes and paired with complimentary wines.

At Le Grill you can enjoy a more casual dining experience. Le Grill offers a buffet breakfast and grilled lunch favorites along with fresh tropical fruit and salads. If you’re looking for the perfect afternoon pick-me-up, you can enjoy tea, finger sandwiches, fresh fruit, pastries and desserts. In the evening, you can enjoy Polynesian specialties in a more relaxed environment.

Finally, at La Veranda you will enjoy breathtaking ocean views in this dining room. Enjoy breakfast and lunch buffet style as well as a la carte.  If you are looking for a more authentic dining experience, many a la carte options are inspired by the destinations you visit. You can also stop by La Veranda for dinner!

Off the Beaten Path

Small ship cruising provides you with access to intimate ports. Larger cruise ships are well…to large! You can visit unique destinations in the South Pacific such as Papeete, Moorea, Bora Bora, Rangiroa and Fakarava to name a few!

Travel as a Living Classroom

Each cruise includes their beloved troupe of Les Gauguin and Les Gauguines. They are local Tahitians who serve as onboard hosts and hostess, entertainers and storytellers and provide you with the perfectly luxurious yet educational cruise experience. You can even find presentations onboard by experts and select sailing even feature guests hosts.

Get away from the dreary cold weather and contact your Travel Guru today! They will help curate your ideal Paul Gauguin South Pacific cruise. For more information on the South Pacific, check out our blog posts here. Oh, and if you need a payment plan to fund your travel adventure-we got those too!

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