Northern Lights – Part Four: SCOTLAND

If you are on a quest to see the Northern Lights, but don’t want to have to make your way into the Arctic to do so, then Scotland just might be for you! The window to see the lights is a bit smaller, ranging from late October to early March but with less snowfall and slightly warmer temperatures than our earlier destinations, there shouldn’t be any reason we can’t catch the show and stay warm and comfortable. To do that, we will start our trip in the ever-popular Edinburgh.

Since the lights come on only after the sun has gone down, then there is plenty of time to kill before we catch the show. If you are a history buff then you’ll be happy to start your day off at one of the oldest fortified castles in Europe, Edinburgh Castle. The castle was home to many Kings and Queens over the centuries and a great place to start the day before making our way to one of the dining experiences to be found at the castle. If castles aren’t your thing then you can always visit the Royal Yacht of Britannia, which served the Royal Family for more than 44 years. When we’ve finished exploring the yacht of Royalty, we may want to start planning our trip to see the lights. Since Edinburgh is a popular city, it’s nearly impossible to escape the light pollution, so our plan is to take a trip to Arthur’s Hill. This amazing scenic overlook near the city has both a great view of the city as well as the sky above.

If you are looking to escape the city life and the city lights, then it might be worth spending some time on one of the Outer Herbrides Island of Lewis. This lovely Island has access to some of the freshest seafood experiences and historic castle sites to be found in Scotland. Whether you are looking for more of a harbor-life experience or a secluded cottage under the stars, it can be found on the island. This island is full of history and culture, just waiting to be rediscovered! This is especially exciting for those of us who love architecture, as the Island is home to the Neolithic Monument, the Callanish Standing Stones. Which, coincidentally, is the perfect place to end the night and catch the amazing dance of the Northern Lights above these ancient standing stones.

If you are on the search for a chance to see the Northern Lights and are not sure where to start, then reach out to us at Book Here Give Here! We are specialists in world wide experiences, and if Scotland doesn’t sound like your drink of choice, then we are happy to help you plan your adventure to any of the numerous destinations to be found under the Northern Lights, or anywhere else in the world. We look forward to hearing from you!

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