Northern Lights – Final Part: ICELAND

To finish off this tour of a few countries fortunate enough to find themselves under the Auroral Ring, we end this quest to see the Northern Lights on the Nordic Island of Iceland! Seeing as how our ultimate goal is to experience this natural light show, we figured there could be no better place than an Island in which it’s possible to see the lights from anywhere during your stay. It doesn’t matter whether we make the trip around Ring Road to visit the entire island, or stay in the city for one of the outdoor racing events. No matter where we find ourselves during our stay in the Winter months, the minimal light pollution on the island allows for gorgeous light shows on clear nights.

Regardless of if we take the trip around Ring Road, a great place to start our stay in Iceland is in the harbor city of Hofn. The capital of South-East Iceland, is home to plenty of art and culture to take in on our trips around the galleries. Art isn’t the only great thing about Hofn, however, because as we get hungry this fishing city is the perfect place to find some of the world’s freshest seafood to sink our teeth into. If Hofn holds our interest for a few days then it may even offer the opportunity to take one of the many Northern Lights boat tours to the nearby glaciers. For those of us looking to keep on the move then our next stop we are going to find ourselves is Hella, Iceland!

Hella is often one of the first stops for those looking to make the drive around the golden circle, because the well-known Ring Road runs right through the town! There isn’t an incredible variety when it comes to accommodations, but what it lacks in fancy hotels, it makes up for in the amount of natural beauty and adventure to be found. Geothermal hot springs can be found around the city, and tours can be booked either on a dogsled or on foot, to allow us to really immerse ourselves in all that nature has to offer. When the day comes to an end, whether we are on horseback,in a dogsled, or in the jacuzzi, all we would need to do to catch the show is look up!

If you are on the search for a chance to see the Northern Lights and are not sure where to start, then reach out to us at Book Here Give Here! We are specialists in world wide experiences, and if Iceland doesn’t sound up your alley, then we are happy to help you plan your adventure to any of the numerous destinations found under the Northern Lights, or around the world. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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