New Caledonia-10 Reasons Why You Must Visit

New Caledonia

Howdy! It’s Must Go Monday and we are going to explore the top 10 reasons you must visit New Caledonia!

New Caledonia are islands about 2-4 hours away from Australia and New Zealand by plane. They are full of adventure, relaxation and a big dose of culture.

As of right now, you cannot visit New Caledonia without a being quarantined upon arrival. So add this incredible destination to your bucket list and lets discover this beautiful destination.

10 Reasons Why You Must Visit New Caledonia

      1. Quick Access 

No trip to Australia or New Zealand is complete without a stop over in New Caledonia and getting there is so easy. You can take a                       direct flight with Aircalin from the following locations:

    • Brisbane-2 hours
    • Sydney-2.5 hours
    • Auckland-3 hours
    • Melbourne-3.5 hour

      2.No Visa Required

US Passport holders do not need a Visa to enter as long as your are planning on staying less than 3 months. Passports, however, must              be valid 6 months past your departure date from New Caledonia.

      3. Tourist Friendly

Because New Caledonia is a politically stable destination, LGBTQIA+ and solo travelers will feel safe, comfortable and welcomed                        everywhere! And with modern infrastructure and an incredible health system you will be sure to have an amazing experience.

      4. The Land of Eternal Spring

Do you want to know why New Caledonia is considered the “Land of Eternal Spring? Because their average year-round temperatures                 hover around 75° F! This provides you with the most perfect subtropical climate imaginable.

      5. Something for all Travelers

Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway or family adventure, there is something for everyone here! From foodies and nature                lovers to adrenaline junkies you can experience your ideal vacation.

      6. Destination for any Budget

You can experience this incredible destination on any budget. Here you will find hostels, homestays, hotels, and luxurious resorts. No               matter the budget, your home away from home awaits!

      7. Adventure Awaits

Calling all adventurers! Enjoy hiking? How about hiking the Great South’s GRNC 1 100KM track? Or skydive over the UNESCO World             Heritage Listed lagoon. And food adventurers you will love experiencing a tour of Noumea’s Port Moselle market. There you will find                some of New Caledonia’s finest wine and cheese!

      8. Rich Culture

Culture is in abundance! You will find a variety of cultures on this island, such as French, Kanaks, and Caledonias, providing you with               a culturally rich vacation.

     9. Variety of Regions

Deserts, tropics and mountains – oh my! You can experience just about any climate and make it feel like you have had several                               vacations wrapped up in one!

     10. Tranquil Beaches

Finally, no visit would be complete without visiting the worlds largest lagoon and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Because these                         lagoons are well protected they are home to some of the worlds most incredible snorkeling.  And The Loyalty Islands and Isle of Pines               are the perfect unpopulated beaches with fine white sand and crystal clear waters.

What are you waiting for?!

After experiencing all of that why not bump up New Caledonia to the first destination you are going to visit once you can travel without quarantine? For price points and more things to see and do in New Caledonia, contact your Travel Guru today! Oh and if you need a travel payment plan to fund your adventure-we got those too!



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