Lindblad Expeditions

Lindblad Expeditions

Howdy! Today we are highlighting the incredible Lindblad Expeditions. They specialize in cruising to remote wild places-off the beaten path. You may have only dreamed of sailing to some of these places or maybe you’ve never heard of it before. Regardless, you will be amazed at what Lindblad has to offer.

Partnering with National Geographic

Lindblad Expeditions has been exploring the world for over 50  years. They have also partnered with National Geographic since 2004. Top tier photographers accompany every voyage, providing you with the perfect opportunity to learn how to take the absolute best photos. No professional camera’s needed! Your phone is capable of taking pictures that look professional. And when you are photographic nature and wildlife, their tips and tricks will ensure the ooh’s and aah’s!

Lindblad and National Geographic have 3 ships-National Geographic Endurance, National Geographic Explorer, and National Geographic Orion. You will enjoy the camaraderie and passion that crew and team bring to your adventure. They are more than just experts or lecturers! They are always willing to engage with the guests onboard.

Guiding Principles

It’s not very often a company will share how they define the manner in which they serve their guests and explore the world. Every single one of these is a defining principle in which you can expect onboard.

  • Everything adds value to the guests experience
  • Integrity is never compromised
  • Positively impact the areas they explore
  • Treat everyone with dignity and respect
  • Honor the value of service
  • Maintain their expedition heritage by fostering a spirit of exploration and discovery
  • Demonstrate leadership, excel in knowledge and inspire others
  • Be open to new ideas
  • Strive for clarity in communication
  • Maintain the balance between adventure and safety

Travel as a Living Classroom

Your adventure includes your Expedition Leader, a Naturalist, Undersea Specialist, Photo Instructor, Cultural Specialist, Historian and a Video Chronicler.

Your Expedition leaders are veteran crew members who orchestrate your entire expedition experience. They have are experts in their fields and in the locations where Lindblad sails. Most have advanced degrees, conducted research or taught for years. Most importantly, they are able to provide you with once in a lifetime opportunities and experiences.

The Naturalist onboard participate fully in your entire expedition. They will join your for dinner or over drinks all while providing you with their knowledge and expertise. The are one of the reasons guests return to Lindblad to explore different regions.

Almost every expedition includes your Undersea Specialist. Your expedition is more than just what you can see on land. They actually dive to capture photos and video of the world beneath. They can also serve as a divemaster for any certified guests.

These are just a few experiences and crew members you will have the pleasure of meeting and learning from.

What’s Included

Onboard Lindblad all meals and non-alcoholic beverages are always included.  Any ashore hotels and meals that are indicated in the itinerary are also included.

Roundtrip transfers, shore excursions, sightseeing, entrance fees, and special access permits-check! Also included.

And of course the services of your entire expert expedition team and guest speakers.

With Lindblad Expeditions you will enjoy the most educational yet engaging vacation possible. The amount of knowledge you will come back with will surprise your family and friends. But most importantly YOU!

For more information, such as pricing points and destination, contact your Travel Guru today. Oh, and if you need a payment plan to fund your Lindblad Expedition-we got those too!





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