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Howdy! Today we are going to visit the beautiful country of Japan! While travel to Japan is still restricted, you can go ahead and put it on your list of ‘places you should go when travel opens back up’.

Japan is one of of the worlds oldest civilizations. It is an archipelago made up of 6,852 islands, 430 of which are inhabited. Home to snow monkeys in colder locations, cherry blossoms and Mount Fuji. You adventure awaits…

Getting There

Getting to Japan has never been easier. Narita Airport, is known as the gateway to Japan. It is about an hour-long express train ride from Tokyo. From there you can choose from a whole slew of domestic flight options.

If you would prefer to flying right into the metropolis of Tokyo, Haneda Airport is for you. You are are within 30 minutes of the hustle and bustle of the city. Kansai International Airport flies you to Kyoto, with easy access to Osaka.

The average flight time to Japan from the U.S. is a little of 16 hours so you should plan for a week long visit at a minimum.

If you add Japan onto a trip to China you can also take advantage of their ferry’s. It is a 3 day journey from Shanghai to Osaka, Kobe, Nagasaki, and Fukuoka. Direct cruise options are rare; however, you can visit Japan while stopping over in Korea and China.

Japan is for the History Enthusiast

Any History enthusiast will thoroughly enjoy an adventure to Japan. Aizuwakamatsu is known as the land of the samurai. There are many sites that will educate you on the samurai culture, include Tsuruga Castle.

Japan is also home to the ninja. Ninja’s were basically ruthless assassins. You can learn all about the history of the ninja and their culture in Iga, Ueno, or Koka.

And don’t forget about the southern islands of Okinawa. You will enjoy their rich history that is quite different from the mainland. You will discover their extraordinary artistic, musical, and culinary traditions within the stone walls of the long-lost Ryukyu Kingdom.

Japan is for the Adventurer

In the summer, you can climb Mt. Fuji-a worldwide symbol of Japan and spiritual landmark for residents. Over 300,000 hikers climb Mt. Fuji per year. The sunrise from the summit is a must see event. You can walk along the rim of the summits crater. Many hikers opt for a two-day journey, that allows you to rest halfway up the mountain in a hut.

Any theme park lover will absolutely enjoy Fuji-Q Highland. Fuji-Q is most notable for it’s dramatic roller coasters, that often end up in the Guinness Book of Records. It is also home to 2 of the world’s fastest roller coasters. And don’t miss out on the terrifyingly haunted hospital. If you want to spend a few days at the park you can stay at the Highland Resort and Spa onsite.

Niseko and Hakuba are the sports hubs that become a mecca for skiers and snowboarders in the winter. The perfect powder is why so many visitors come back!

Any cyclist will enjoy the various routes with absolutely stunning views. You can even ride across a bridge that connects to Hiroshima!

Japan is for Relaxation

Most of Japan’s hotels in major cities come equipped with expansive spas overlooking the cityscape. For a more unique experience schedule your trip to include a stay at one of the country’s many hot-springs resorts. You can head to the mountains of central Japan, or south to Kyushu and enjoy a rocky bath overlooking the ocean. A soak in the warm waters provides you with a glimpse of Japanese culture.

Japan is for Foodies

Japan cuisine is typically divided into two options; washoku and yoshuku. Washoku is traditional Japanese dishes like sushi somen, and tempura. Yoshoku is a Japanese take on western dishes like pasta or beef stew. North or South you will find beautiful yet delicious dishes that reflect the culture.

No meal is complete without sake. You can enjoy sake from a local brewery in Niigata as well. Or head to Yamanashi for local and elegant wines. Japan is also known for their highly acclaimed whiskeys in Hokkaido, Osaka, or Nagano. And in Tokyo you will enjoy their new craft gins and micro-brews.

With so much to to see and experience in Japan you are sure to have the most perfect vacation adventure!! It is a must-visit destination that you can go back to multiple times and have a different experience each time.

Contact your Travel Guru today for prices points and your most perfect Japanese itinerary. So when Japan is ready for us again, you are all ready to start your adventure! Oh, and if you need a payment plan to fund your Japanese adventure-we go those too!


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