It’s #WednesdayWisdom

Howdy! In honor of #WednesdayWisdom, today we would like to impart some of our wisdom regarding travel during COVID – as many of your Travel Gurus have been out and about the past few months and have experienced it firsthand.

Let me start out by saying that although travel during COVID looks different – it’s still great to be travelling! And many of the things on this list will absolutely get better with time – but it’s always best to have a heads up on some of the more noticeable changes prior to departure.

For instance – as far as hotel and resort stays – you are going to notice many things have been removed from your room that used to be there – i.e. – notepads and pens, drinking glasses – pretty much things that were not necessities and for the most part won’t be missed. You will also notice that housekeeping will be less frequent as well – although you will still be able to replenish towels and the like with a simple request. As for air travel – there will be services that are modified or simply not available – such as blankets, snacks and on many airlines – alcohol. And most noticeably – on all public transportation – as of this writing you are still required to wear a mask.

Of course, this is just a sampling of some of the more glaring differences and it is important to remember that all changes have been put in place for both your safety and the safety of the hospitality employees who are there to make your trip as pleasant as possible. That being said – remember that we are all in this together – so be patient, be flexible and be a good world citizen no matter where your travels take you!


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