It’s #NationalFlipFlop Day!

Howdy! Since summer is just two days away, today’s fun fact for #FunFactFriday has a summery theme of course! Did you know that today is #NationalFlipFlopDay? Yup – the third Friday in June has been designated as such and here is some flip-flop trivia for you to amuse your friends this weekend while you’re grilling those burgers!

1. The flip-flop has been around forever – well since at least 4,000 B.C. according to ancient murals that show Egyptians wearing flip flops as their footwear of choice.
2. Although they have been around that long – they were not actually named flip-flops until the 1960’s. The reason for the name? Walk in a pair of flip-flops, listen as you walk and yup – that’s why!
3. Flip-flops are designed so that the strop is between your first toe and your second toe. But waaay back in the day the early Romans and Mesopotamians wore the strap between the second and third toes. Thank the ancient Greeks for switching toes and giving us a much more comfortable walking experience!

All this talk about flip-flops kinda makes you want to grab yours and head to the beach – right? Well, you’re in luck because your Travel Gurus know where all the best beach deals can be found for summer of 2021 and cannot wait to chat with you about that much needed getaway to sun, sand and relaxation!

Happy Summer everyone!

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