It’s #InternationalDanceDay

Howdy! It’s #InternationalDanceDay so let’s talk about a few great destinations you can visit to experience different cultures and their love of dance!

First up – Nicaragua! The Atlantic Region here is a home to numerous different tribes including Mískitu and Sumo tribes, among others. These tribes are known for their love of dance and where there is a love of dance there are festivals! In fact, in May they hold a festival called the Maypole Festival. Check out more on Nicaragua here.

Then we have Brazil were that oh so lively Samba dance originated. While in Brazil you can take samba classes, visit a Samba school and for don a costume and parade around with locals during Carnival in Rio de Janeiro! Find out more on Brazil here.

And on to the country of Georgia – famous for its Georgian folk dances. Each region has their own dance that weave both history and art. One of the most popular is the Acharuli dance – which is a bright cheerful dance that originates from the region of Adjara and features a playful flirtation between men and women. Read more about Georgia here.

And last but not least – Puerto Rico! From the salsa to the bomba to the plena – which is African rooted – all of these dances along with the music and sounds make for an incredibly fun experience. There’s no passport needed but whatever you do – don’t forget your dancing shoes! For details on Puerto Rico click here.

You guys – there are many, many more destinations you can visit to indulge in the love of dance! Don’t sit this one out – waltz on over to your phone and give your Travel Gurus a call to get the scoop on all the fabulous options we have in mind for you!


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