Introducing AmaWaterways New French Sailings!

Howdy! It’s #TimeToTravelThursday and we have more good news! If you have been dreaming of a European river cruise thanks to the recent news of the EU opening up to vaccinated travelers this summer, that dream can be come a reality soon!

Not only that but we just received word from our friends at AmaWaterways that they have added a new French itinerary to their already fabulous portfolio of amazing river cruise destinations.

Here are the details straight from AmaWaterways:

Art connoisseurs and nature lovers alike will love our brand-new Impressions of the Seine and Paris river cruise. You can be among the first to experience exciting new excursions in Northern France that include seeing the world-famous Bayeux Tapestry, the lovely Gardens d’Acquigny and a unique bee farm in Mantes-la-Jolie. With visits to Paris and Normandy and up to five guided bike tours also included in your cruise fare, this itinerary is a wonderful way to reintroduce yourself to the world of travel.

How amazing does that sound? Need more convincing to try out a river cruise? Check out my conversation with Sheila Bielich, the Business Development Manager for AmaWaterways here then give your Travel Gurus a call to get the conversation started!


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