In Honor of National Beer Day…

In honor of #NationalBeerDay we would like to highlight an incredibly unique experience that is available in Árskógssandur, Iceland – a spa named Bjórböðin.

What makes Bjórböðin unique? Well…it’s a beer spa. That’s right a beer spa – aptly named The Beer Spa – or Bjórböðin in Icelandic. Opened in 2017 this spa offers bathtubs made from Kambala wood where you can literally take a beer bath. Each tub is filled with beer, water, hops and yeast and can hold up to two people at a time.

Bonus! These umm – ingredients – can have a powerful effect on the body and skin especially if you do not shower it off right away. Beer and wellness – what could be better than that? And there is no age limit for the beer bath because the bathwater is undrinkable. But never fear – there is a beer draught available at every tub for anybody over 20 years of age so you can imbibe while you bathe!

The Beer Spa is located in Northern Iceland and it is a great stop should you decide to do a driving tour of the country– especially if you plan on a trip around the Tröllaskagi Peninsula or the Diamond Circle.

To book your curated Iceland adventure – because remember Iceland is open for tourists once again – call your Travel Guru’s today and let’s get to planning!

Cheers! And Namaste!

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