Hurtigruten Expeditions


Howdy! Calling all explorers! This cruise is for you! Hurtigruten Expeditions offers small-ship exploration of more then 250 destinations across 30+ countries-pole to pole.

She offers seven small-sized expedition cruise ships and includes the worlds first hybrid electric-powered ship. You will find big adventure onboard as your are guided by the Expedition Teams, their handpicked experts! Let’s sail away as we discover what makes Hurtigruten truly exceptional.

Sustainability-Hurtigruten at its Core

Hurtigruten has been exploring the earth for over 100 years. They truly understand why being environmentally aware and leaving the smallest footprint is of the utmost importance.

Onboard, you will experience first hand the impact that climate change can have on our most vulnerable polar areas. Every expedition ensures both nature and it’s remote communities are protected. Including the pristine nature and pure and clean water.

Their Ships

Her fleet may be small but oh they be mighty! Her 7-ship fleet includes small and agile ships as well as medium sized, hybrid electric-powered vessels.

Hurtigruten is never formal, but provides the most welcoming atmosphere. From comfortable cabins to luxurious suites your stay onboard will be amazing.

Their small ships ensure lasting friendships and comradery as you explore places the bigger ships will never go.

All ships are modernized and suitable for polar sailing. Therefore, an adventure to the Arctic or Antarctica is secure and safe.  Hurtigruten also combines advanced technology with energy-efficient engines that use liquified natural gas and biogas, a renewable fossil-free fuel produced from organic waste. Above all, ensuring their wildlife sustainability.

The hub and heart of each ship is their Science Center. You will find advanced microscopes and an impressive selection of biological and geological slides. Guaranteed to satisfy your mind and curiosity.

Experts in Exploration

Each sailing provides you with your very own handpicked Expedition Team. They are your experts and will be with you every step of the way. Every team provides you with decades of experience that will further enhance your sense of wonder. Listen in awe as they share their stories. And of course, they will be there to ensure you are safe on landings.

Expedition members come from all of the world!  They provide a variety of backgrounds and an incredible wealth of knowledge, relevant information and stories you are bound to fall in love with.

Global Destinations

Hurtigruten provides a cruise that goes beyond your iconic cities and typical highlights. You will explore remote communities, hidden gems, and exotic wildlife-eagles, penguins, polar bears, oh my!

Visit Antarctica, Alaska, Norway, Lake Titicaca, the Northwest Passage and Machu Picchu. Explore the Galapagos, Svalbard or the British Isles. The choice is yours and your destination options seem endless!

Adventure lurks everywhere as your itinerary aboard Hurtigruten is never set in stone! You will be able to seize new exploration opportunities if challenging elements arise. Providing you with an exciting aspect to all of their expedition cruises.

Grab your gear and call your Travel Guru today! They can help you choose your perfect exploration expedition and provide you with price points. Oh, and if you need a payment plan to fund your exploration expedition-we got those too!




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