Food Festival Destinations: England

food festival destinations

Howdy food festival goers!

Welcome to another culinary adventure! Food has such an important place in societies around the world and is one of the greatest ways to be introduced into a different culture. What better way then, is there to explore the world, than by taking part in Earth’s many food festivals?

Today we will be taking a look at the Manchester and Aldeburgh food and drink festivals!


Food Festival Manchester – 25 Year Anniversary

Both these festivals do a great job wrapping up the month of September, so to any of us visiting the incredibly historic country of England, we’re in luck! To start, we’ll be talking about the Manchester Food and Drink Festival. This 25 year dynasty is set to close out the month of September starting on the 22nd and finish up on October 2nd. This foodie festival features everything you’d expect, from some of the world’s best street foods, to bars and live music. There are different events and foods available depending on the day, but everything is laid out very nicely at the festival hub, which you can check out by clicking here



For those of us looking to travel with their families, Aldeburgh may be a better bet. This two-day event has a plethora of good food and drink to indulge in, but one of the benefits of this particular festival can be found at what they call the Family Meadow. There are plenty of games and activities for the little ones to enjoy. That means, you can try some of the best cuisine Suffolk has to offer, while they make memories that will last a lifetime. New events and activities are being announced daily as the festival draws nearer. You can keep up on the news on their main website by clicking here.



Our travel gurus are always ready to help make your travel inspirations a reality, so if either of these festivals sound like something you’d love to explore, or if you have any travel-related concerns, consider filling out your travel questionnaire below.

If you don’t happen to be in England this September, do not worry, we will have plenty more food festival news for you very soon! Thank you all for your time, we can’t wait to see you at the food cart. If you happened to miss out on our last post, you can check it out here and of course…


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