Happy Flag Day

Howdy! And happy Flag Day America! In case you were unsure of its background – Flag Day is celebrated each year on June 14th to commemorate the adoption of the American flag by resolution of the Second Continental Congress in 1777.

In honor of this national holiday here in the US we dug up some fun facts about the American Flag.

1. The first flag actually wasn’t made by Betsy Ross – but she was a seamstress, and she probably did sew American flags – she just didn’t create the very first one.

2. The flag got its nickname, “Old Glory” from William Driver, a Massachusetts-born resident of Nashville who hid his flag from Confederate troops only to bring it out again when Federal troops took control of the city.

3. The Pledge of Allegiance was written not for Flag Day, but for Columbus Day.

Now be sure and to raise your flag and fly it high today to honor our country and those who sacrificed their lives fighting for it.


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