Easter Sunday at the Vatican

There are two places in the world with a great degree of significance to celebrate Easter: one is the Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem and the other is the papal basilica of saint peter one is the Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre in the Vatican.

St. Peter’s basilica is the largest church in the western hemisphere, built in the renaissance style located in Vatican City, the Papal Enclave within Rome, Italy. Tradition holds that it is built over the tomb of Saint Peter, chief among Jesus’s apostles and also the first bishop of Rome. This is the most magnificent basilica in the world, its richness and grandiose style is unparalleled.

Being  present for the Easter Papal Mass is an unforgettable experience. The richness of the Liturgy is enhanced with the presence of bishops, cardinals, priests and deacons and thousands of believers of all nationalities carrying the flags of different countries that are gathered in the piazza for the occasion.

Most of the time, if the weather permits, the mass is held at the Piazza San Pietro and thousands of pilgrims attend it.  However, if the weather is inclement the mass is held inside the basilica, and  since the capacity is limited tickets are needed in order to participate. Ask your travel guru how to obtain them.

At the end of the Easter mass the pope imparts the Urbi Et Orbi blessing (for the city and for the world). And the message is imparted from the central balcony at St Peter’s basilica at 12:00 noon (CEST).

Note: in Rome, this Easter Sunday, 17 of April, 2022 the holy mass and Urbi Et Orbi blessing will start at 10:00 am. CEST

In the United States the blessing is at 6:00 AM EST and 3:00 AM PST.

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