Dominica – The Island of Nature

If you are looking to immerse yourself in a trip with nature, this is the island for you. The Commonwealth of Dominica is known as  the nature island of the Caribbean due to its wide variety of flora and fauna and extensive natural park system, a remarkably unspoiled natural beauty.  The jewel of Dominica is the Morne Trois Pitons National Park, encompassing much of the island’s mountainous interior.  The park is primordial a rainforest, ranging from thick jungle with giant ferns and wild orchids, to the stunted cloud forest on the upper slopes of Morne Trois Pitons. It is a unesco world heritage site and it includes the Boiling Lake, Victoria Waterfall, Trafalgar Falls and many others, and the steaming Valley of Desolation, an area of boiling mud ponds, colored hot springs and mini geysers.

Dominica is also famous to be one of the top hot and steamy romance trips according to the guardian in UK. And additional tip is to savor the local rum . Nothing is better… and stronger!

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