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I am so extremely excited for today’s conversation because it involves one of my favorite all-inclusive brands – Palace Resorts.

My girl Natalie Rogers, the Business Development Manager for Palace Resorts recently joined me to share everything that makes Palace such an amazing brand. Both Natalie and I are very aware that you guys have a lot of different decisions to make when it comes to vacation planning and she wanted to make sure that you knew all of the fantastic reasons as to why you should choose Palace Resorts – which can be found in both Mexico and the Caribbean – Jamaica to be exact – for that above and beyond all-inclusive experience. –

So, without further ado let’s start our virtual tour of these popular properties!


What’s Included:  Let’s start out with the all-inclusive features that every Palace Resort offers – regardless of whether you choose their least expensive room or their most expensive suite. Every single room at every single property is going to offer you the following:

  • Top Shelf Liquors
  • Chi Bath Amenities
  • Chi Flat Iron and Hairdryer
  • World Class Spas
  • A la Carte Gourmet Dining
  • Daily and Nightly Entertainment
  • 24 Hour Complimentary Room Service
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi Throughout the Entire Property
  • Double Whirlpool Tub (*with the exception of Jamaica)
  • In Room Mini Bars Which Includes Soda, Beer, Wine and Liquor
  • Unlimited Local and Long-Distance Calls to the US and Canada
  • Non-motorized Water Sports
  • Tips and Gratuities Included

So, you guys I need to tell you about their bath amenities – including shampoo, conditioner, soap and lotion. They are Chi – which is a highly respected brand – and they aren’t those little, tiny containers – they are big bottles. Of course, I always want to bring them home with me but when I’m not checking my bags I can! Plus, they even have a Chi flat iron and a Chi hair dryer in every room so you know if you ladies only want to pack with a carry on you can leave your flat iron at home because they’re going to have one on property waiting for you.

Natalie assures us that as long as she’s been working with this brand, she has heard competitors give their spiel – i.e. – talk about their properties as well – and she has not found one property who lists any amazing free or complimentary amenities that Palace Resorts does not offer too – plus more.

The Spas: You will find a fabulous spa at every Palace resort and they range in size depending on the property. Their spas are branded as Awe Spa and boy do they ever come through with that whole revitalization of mind, body and spirit aspect of your vacation – trust me – I have been to them! Here’s what you will find at each of them:

  • Hydrotherapy
  • Hydrating Body Wraps
  • Deep Tissue Massages
  • Luxurious Facials
  • Plunge Pools
  • Herbal Steam Rooms

As Natalie noted – they do put a ton of effort into ensuring that guests will have an amazing experience and a lot of the products are made in house. Among these are massage lotions and essential oils – which they also offer for the diffusers in your hotel room – as well as in the spa. As for me – I can attest to that amazing experience – from the hydrotherapy pool to the massage – to the ambiance and the top-notch staff.

Gastronomy: In addition to making their own spa products they also use a lot of the food products – i.e. – herbs and vegetables and more – grown on property – in their restaurants as they make their way to becoming more of a garden to table type resort. In fact, at the Moon Palace Cancun – which is a massive property they even have tours of the gardens so that you are able to see all of the extensive efforts they are putting into becoming a self-sufficient resort. They also pride themselves on not doing the whole prepackaged foods coming in from other companies.  In fact – they have bread ovens on their properties that are at work 24 hours a day, seven days a week so you’re going to see a lot of freshly made, high quality cuisine.

For my steak lovers – Palace recently entered an agreement with Certified Angus Beef! And Natalie warned that you’re probably going to hear a lot of their competitors touting that they offer Certified Angus Beef too – but here’s a good question to ask them – is that part of the all-inclusive experience or is an additional charge? At Palace Resorts they use Certified Angus Beef across the board regardless of whether you’re eating a beef product from the buffet or whether you are eating a fancy steak from their nicest steakhouse – and it is all included and is not an upcharge.
Another new partnership? They recently signed an agreement with Robert Mondavi wines, so Robert Mondavi is now the house wine meaning there is no upcharge for them. And there’s going to be a welcome bottle when you arrive in your room! I’m sold!

As for that the exquisite dining and drink experience – although they do have some buffets which were a mainstay at all-inclusives for years – they genuinely focus on the a la carte dining experience. How? They hire authentic chefs designated for each type of cuisine they offer – such as the authentic Indian chefs that run their Indian restaurant at Moon Palace Cancun as well as Mediterranean chefs that specialize in Mediterranean cuisine and of course at the Japanese restaurants that are hibachi style tables where you can sit down for a dinner show by a talented – and entertaining – hibachi chef.

Natalie noted that very few of their a la carte restaurants require reservations as they do try to offer an all-inclusive experience where you can just walk straight up and eat whenever you feel like. That being said – while the majority do not require reservations there are a very few that do – and there’s always a reason for it – such as maybe they only seat 45 people in that venue and don’t want guests having to wait for hours to get seated.

Destinations: You have plenty of options with the Palace Resorts my friends as there are seven properties throughout Mexico and one in Jamaica.

  • Cancun, Mexico: Cancun has always been a staple for people traveling to Mexico thanks to those gorgeous beige colored sand beaches and crystal blue water and Palace has several properties that are located within the Cancun Hotel Zone and one just south of it, so all are just 10 or 15 minutes from the airport meaning you don’t have to endure that long travel day.


  • Moon Palace Cancun: This larger-than-life resort features 2043 guest rooms and literally is the size of a small city – including a full mile stretch of beach. Now I love this property for several reasons and the main one is that there is no need to ever leave it! So, if you want to get to your resort and stay in your resort – you absolutely can.

As for restaurants – there are 13 – and you can eat at a different restaurant every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Side Note: There are 13 bars too! Moon Palace gives you plenty of nightlife options – i.e. – bars, dance clubs and nightly entertainment – it’s all there. And let me tell you – the nightclub on the Moon Palace side is not like what you would expect from a typical night club at a resort. They start hopping around 11:00 o’clock and the party goes until it goes! There are different guest DJ’s brought in and the guests just love it. And you guys – it does have a lot of space and the nighttime options that I personally experienced were amazing. Even though it’s a larger property it never feels like people are on top of you – so nobody ever feels crowded. There is also plenty of entertainment throughout the day.

Water activities? Check! There is the super cool FlowRider Double Wave Simulator – which I did not dare do – but Natalie did and said it is an amazing experience. And the best part about it is that there is no additional charge – you just sign a release waiver, hop on and start trying to learn how to surf! For those that aren’t that adventurous though there are tons of other activities. You can swim at a different pool every single day, splash around in a water park or take advantage of the numerous non-motorized water sports activities. And for my golfers – there is an award winning 27-hole Jack Nicklaus signature golf course on property that consists of three different courses.

And of course, the room decor is just absolutely beautiful and regardless of what room category you select – your room and your amenities will be the same – it’s just the views that are different – and your bedding – so if you want a king size bed versus two double beds.

  • The Grand at Moon Palace Cancun: This exclusive 1316 room boutique resort within a resort sits next to the Moon Palace and is absolutely beautiful. If you are staying at the Moon Palace, you cannot go over to The Grand side – however if you book into The Grand you can go over to the Moon Palace. It is considered an upscale luxury family destination and with split level rooms starting at 800 square feet it is evident that this property was set up as a place where families can vacation together with plenty of space.

When you’re talking about amenities it has everything you can think of and more – really taking an already incredible all-inclusive experience up a notch! There is mini golf, there are bumper cars, there is a rope course, a bowling alley, a water park, a lazy river, another FlowRider on this side of the property, a wave simulator pool – whew – just incredible – everything you can possibly imagine! And I have to say I love the bowling alley – it’s so cute – it’s not like a bowling alley you would find in the US – it’s only six lanes and so you are highly encouraged to make a reservation just because it is so small, and this property is so large – just to make sure you get the opportunity to try it out. Now the water park – that is full size water park like you would find here in Texas – and so much fun!

For food and drink there are 11 restaurants and 13 bars for you to frequent and The Awe Spa here is the largest Awe Spa in the Palace collection and touts over 60 different treatment rooms, a beautiful hydrotherapy experience and more.

  • Beach Palace: This playfully chic beachside paradise is located in the Hotel Zone – which is perfect for families – and is quite a bit smaller than the Moon Palace at just 285 guestrooms. Here you will find four restaurants and four bars to try out during your stay.

Now you may have heard me boast about it before but only because it’s true – the Hotel Zone is super amazing, and it is one of my favorite places in Cancun. One of the reasons I love it so much is because you can actually get off of the property and take the local bus into town for some cultural immersion. And while you are in town there is so much to take in. There is a flea market for some great bargains and for those of you who have issues with your prescription drugs here in the US the Cancun Hotel Zone is a great place to get them for a lot less than what we pay here. Then you also have La Isla Cancun Shopping Village which is an amazing outdoor mall featuring a Ferris wheel, an aquarium and my favorite – a chocolate factory! There is also a multi-level indoor mall across from the Hard Rock Café – Kukulcan Plaza should you want to escape the heat while you shop.

And Natalie added that both Palace properties in the Hotel Zone – the Beach Palace and the Sun Palace – have the convenience of having a bus station right at the end of the driveway. And no need to worry about figuring out the bus routes as it is super easy. It travels in one direction and then it travels back in the opposite direction and you pay a dollar each direction. Not only that but it is really safe to not only take the bus but also to walk down the entire Hotel Zone.

So, of the two Palace resorts that are in the in the middle of the Hotel Zone the Beach Palace is the family friendly option. One of its coolest amenities is a giant drop down screen over one of the pools where they hold activities like children’s Wi tournaments on the humongous screen and play movies on it in the evenings.

Another benefit of being in the Hotel Zone is the view. I mean the Beach Palace is called the Beach Palace for reason. You’re talking about gorgeous beach or ocean views from all of the rooms which remember – feature that double whirlpool tub that’s available in every room – and regardless of whether you book the least expensive room or most expensive suite.  And since all of the rooms have ocean views you can’t go wrong!

  • Sun Palace: This sizzling romantic getaway is a bit smaller yet with just 252 guest rooms. It too is located in Cancun’s Hotel Zone, but this is a couples only resort.

This property has amazing views as well and it actually just reopened from a remodel in 2020. Now – this is considered a couples only property, but Natalie did clarify that when they refer to properties as couples only, they we don’t care what the couple looks like – it’s just that all the beds on property are King size so if you’re sharing a room with somebody, you’re going to be sharing a bed. This means that a couple could be a mother daughter trip or even a girl’s trip – if you don’t mind bunking with your bestie. And really it can be a fun romantic trip or a girl’s trip – really any type of getaway where the kids aren’t tagging along.

The Sun Palace features an awesome infinity pool that overlooks the ocean for absolutely gorgeous views. Here you also have four restaurants and four bars to choose from each day. And don’t forget the fabulous Awe Spa to relax and get pampered in!

Natalie also noted that since it is the most recently remodeled property in the brand it’s essentially their newest and brightest right now.

Fun Fact: There is a cool video on Natalie’s Facebook page where you’ll find a link to the remodel video that shows what the lobby looked like before the remodel then during the remodel and then after the remodel.

  • Cozumel, Mexico: Cozumel is an island off Cancun giving you a really different flavor than other Mexican destinations.


  • Cozumel Palace:  A serene paradise in Cozumel this property comes in even smaller than the last two with just 169 guestrooms, four restaurants and three bars. Tip – Why not upgrade to an Oceanfront Suite for your stay here – it comes complete with a hammock on the balcony for afternoon siestas!

Cozumel is located on the Palancar Reef – one of the largest natural reefs in the world – and is a magnificent diving and snorkeling destination. Cozumel Palace is a great option for my scuba divers out there who are looking for an amazing scuba experience thanks to the fabulous scuba amenities on property. They have their own dive shop, their own boats and you can get certified here if you haven’t already been. And for those avid scuba divers two tanks are less than $80.00! Bonus – don’t have to lug all of your gear onto a transfer bus and then be driven out to the ocean – you simply walk down to the end of the dock where your scuba diving instructor already has everything waiting for you and step right onto the boat! Plus, there are three different boats and numerous different dive options available. If you aren’t into scuba diving but still want to see the reefs and their aquatic life no problem! Since the reefs are right off the end of the dock, you can head over to the complementary non-motorized water sports area, pick up snorkel gear and just dive right off of the edge of the dock and see it all.

As for the décor Cozumel Palace definitely has a little more of that old world classic Mexico charm – which doesn’t mean it’s not up to date – it is. It’s just not among one of their most recently remodeled properties that feature more of a new era type of décor.

  • Playa Del Carmen: This charming beach town features Quinta Avenida – a lively shopping and entertainment district.


  • Playacar Palace: Playacar Palace is Mexican charm at its best. Still on the small side with 201 guestrooms – it is in a prime location next to Quinta Avenida. Natalie gushed that one of the things she loves about these two properties (Cozumel and Playacar) is that they are directly across the ocean from each other. So, when you’re sitting eating at Playacar Palace on the beach you can look across the ocean and see the lights of their Cozumel Palace property. Plus – you have exchange privileges between the two. It’s just a 45-minute ferry ride across to Cozumel and when you arrive you don’t have to ask for permission, you don’t have to make a reservation – your wristband gets you in at both properties. So, you can go shop your heart out all day long in Cozumel, have dinner at Cozumel Palace and then hop on the ferry and ride back to Playa del Carmen – or vice versa because if you’re saying it Cozumel Palace you can do that Playacar Palace as well! The ferry ride itself is gorgeous as you find yourself in the middle of the ocean with schools and fish all around. Plus, they’re gorgeous ships that are air conditioned and even have bars inside. It really is a beautiful experience in its own right – so be sure to head to the top deck and bask in the sun and the sound of waves splashing.

Being right next to Quinta Avenida – which is akin to the Hotel Zone in Cancun – you’ve got a whole array of things to see, do and enjoy here outside this particular property. And the property itself is stunning. Palace says each of their properties has its own personality and I would definitely dub Playacar Palace a boho chic property. It’s got that breezy open-air lobby and has also been recently remodeled – right before Sun Palace was. It’s just got a very bohemian vibe to it and it is right in the middle of everything including 5th and 12th which is where all of the shopping and bars and restaurants are. If you want to go into town you literally walk out the front door and you hang a right and you’re in the middle of everything. No need for a bus here – everything is walkable – it’s even walkable to the ferry.

Natalie confided that the beach here is one of her favorite beaches out of all of their properties with white sand and crystal blue water its absolutely picturesque. Speaking of the gorgeous beach – how about booking a Governor Suite at Playacar Palace? It is a walk out suite which actually leads directly to the beach! Just go out the sliding glass door – onto the patio area and the right beyond the patio is the beach! And of course, the sliding glass door locks and you can use your room key – which by the way is your wristband – so you don’t have to carry around an extra room key.

  • Isla Mujeres: Small and picturesque this island offers a very chill, laid back vibe.


  • Isla Mujeres Palace: This luxurious couples / adult only island retreat is the smallest property in the brand at just 62 guest rooms and is considered a boutique hotel. Located on a beautiful island it too features fabulous snorkeling and diving options.

For those of you who really want to just kind of hideaway and get lost in in the Caribbean Sea this is an awesome location. Speaking to the different personalities of each of the Palace Resorts – they have Playacar Palace that’s in the middle of everything but here is where I would send someone who wants to feel like they’ve gone to a deserted island and they have the entire place to themselves. Of course, there is still full connectivity – such as Apple TV’s in the rooms and full complimentary Wi-Fi and you can make phone calls – but it does have that deserted island feel. And no worries – there is plenty of entertainment here too!

Here you will find a very lovely pool that is shaped like a big L – so that it feels like it’s two different pool areas. There is a small dive shop here as well for you scuba divers, great snorkeling off the beach and plenty of other non-motorized water sports activities that are complementary. There are actually more non-motorized water sports at this property that you won’t find at the other properties – like paddle boarding – because of the size and location of the beach here.

Natalie also shared that another thing that’s so fun about the island is that since it’s a little tiny island – about five miles long – the majority of people ride their golf carts or mopeds here. There are very few vehicles other than the taxis on this island – so what the heck – rent a golf cart right at the property and ride into town for a neat little adventure.

For you folks that are bringing the family there are there are plenty of activities for all ages so certainly your kids will be taken care of here.  If you are a large family, there are also two-bedroom accommodations available which is a great option so keep that in mind when we are deciding which property may be best for you. Bonus – kids and teens stay free! And Natalie explained that while they do call it a promotion it really doesn’t have an end date, so this is a program that’s going to stick around. She also noted that some of their competitors do it for 12 and under but at Palace it applies to age 17 and under. It’s good for two kids per room and it can be a single occupancy – so if you are a single parent who’s traveling, we can have book the single occupancy rate and you can bring up to two kids with you.

  • Ocho Rios, Jamaica: Located on Jamaica’s north coast, Ocho Rios offers white sand beaches, dramatic water falls and beachside mountain views.


  • Moon Palace Jamaica: Featuring unbridled luxury for everyone and 704 guest rooms the Moon Palace Jamaica is the second largest property in the Palace Resort brand and boasts gorgeous light and airy decor throughout the entire property.

As for activities here you will find that oh so popular FlowRider Double Wave Simulator, the Playroom Kids Club and Wired Lounge, daily and nightly entertainment, five restaurants and six bars. It is also close to the area’s top attractions.

The Awe Spa here is the largest spa on the entire island of Jamaica which they are immensely proud of and that is thanks to the fact that when they purchased this property, they took what used to be the ballroom and transformed it into the spa.

One of the things that I really liked about the Moon Palace Jamaica is that actually for the size of the property it was really easy to get around. And as per Natalie even though it is indeed their second largest property don’t let that scare you off if you’re looking for a small intimate property because this property has a very intimate feel about it. Honestly, it takes less than two minutes to walk from one end of the property to the other and the way they were able to accomplish that is because all of the rooms are housed in the two high rises.

Fun Fact: For you James Bond buffs we’re going to go way, way back to Doctor No. In the scene where the helicopters are landing on the beach – they are landing on the beach at this property!

Moon Palace boasts of gorgeous views of the ocean which is kind of protected by a peninsula there that pops out to the water making the water very calm on this beach. The beach was also redone not that long ago so it is tons of white sand as far as the eye can see. And since it is protected when you’re laying out on the beach or playing in the water, you’re not going to get hit by four-foot waves like you would in Cabo – it’s a very relaxed and tranquil ocean experience on this property.

As for rooms the Partial Ocean View room – for instance – has two beds so for you guys with two adults and two children or four women in a room that can certainly be done – however I do recommend the older you are the less adults in the room. Natalie also boasted that their Partial Ocean View room is one which a lot of their competitors would call a full ocean view – meaning they are very stingy when it comes to handing out full ocean view room categories.

Types of Traveler: So, singles, couples, families, girls’ trips, guys trips – you name it! And for those companies that want to have an offsite – these properties are great options, and this is a great way to get in some team bonding after everyone has worked from home for so long.  And since they are situated on beautiful beaches, you’re going to be working hard but you’re going to play hard as well.

And all of the properties offer some type of group benefit – whether it be a business group, a family reunion or something else – as they have very ample group space. Per Natalie they can handle everything from a small group of ten rooms all the way up to – 1000 room nights per night for five nights!

Miscellaneous: Don’t just take it from us – the guests have spoken! All eight of the Palace Resort properties throughout the Cancun, Riviera Maya, Cozumel, Isla Mujeres and Jamaica are in the Top Ten and Top 20 on TripAdvisor. So, you know brand wise – regardless of which property you choose you’re going to find an award-winning resort to rest your head at night.

Updated COVID-19 Information: As each property resides in a different destination please check with the Office of Foreign Affairs or Ministry of Health in the destination you are interested in visiting for up-to-date entry requirements.

For the CDC’s most up to date information on COVID-19 click here. And for the most up to date COVID protocols at Palace Resorts click here.


What do you say – are you ready to feel like a king, queen, prince or princess? Let’s connect and discuss which of these awesome Palace Resorts is going to be the right fit for you and your travel companions!

For more details on the fabulous Palace Resorts, their price points and more – contact your Travel Guru! Oh, and if you need a payment plan to fund your travel adventure – we got those too!


*NOTE: Starting April 1st all international visitors over age 15 to the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, which includes Cancun, Playa Del Carmen, Cozumel and Tulum, will have to pay a new tourism tax of 224 pesos.  

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