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Howdy! Today I want to introduce you to a concept that is new, timely and definitely needed in the travel sector as well as perhaps the business sector – Hotels By Day.

I recently had the pleasure of welcoming Eddy Kaljic, the Head of Sales / Partnerships at Hotels By Day to one of my video chats to tell us exactly what Hotels By Day is all about.

Now, this is a venture that I have been a part of for many years – in fact since the beginning of Book Here, Give Here – and because it is a different entity, I wanted to bring it to your attention as an option that is little different than the norm. Check out – or check in – wink, wink – all the details below!


What Exactly Is Hotels By Day?

Hotels By Day is a platform that offers people the ability to book hotel rooms for the day or even for just a few hours. Say you need a place to work in privacy for the day or to meet in privacy or even to take a nap – this is for you. Maybe you just want to use the amenities at the property or perhaps you have a long layover from a flight and want to hang out somewhere other than the airport – again, this is a great option. And that is the idea of Hotels By Day and why it was created about five years ago. The goal is to provide this flexible hotel stay to the people who needed that extra flexibility which in today’s day and age is becoming more and more on demand.

What Are The Hours That People Can Use Hotels By Day?

Eddy explained that the room is really sitting empty during the day anytime between 7:00am and 10:00pm and Hotels By Day offers a lot of options to pick from. The most popular time span that people typically choose is for about six hours, from 10:00am to 4:00pm. That price usually comes out to about half the nightly cost so it’s really a great deal. There are a variety of hotels that you can choose from – really anywhere from two star to five star hotels so you can choose the price point you want to pay based on those options. And some hotels offer a morning stay which would be more like 8:00am to 12:00pm which is great if you know that you’re going to be out of the room by noon. Some hotels offer four hours in the afternoon or even a full day stay where they’ll offer a 12 hour time span, say from 7:00am to 7:00pm. So, there’s really a layer of flexibility for the time and reason you need the room for – whether it’s for a short stay or long stay or for the room or just for the amenities – which you can schedule as you like.

What Kind Of Amenities Can I Book Through Hotels By Day?

Speaking of amenities – let’s talk a little bit about them. The amenities can be a spa treatment, or it could be access to the pool or even a specific lounge that the hotel has. So, you don’t necessarily have to book the room – however keep in mind that if you book the room, you usually get access to a lot more amenities. Instead of just paying for the pool pass you can book the room and pool privileges come with it which is a great way to have privacy where you can change and then go and enjoy the pool.

Where Can I Find Hotels By Day Properties?

In terms of the Hotels By Day locations, they offer properties in lots of different cities – and countries. They are predominantly all over North America – so Canada and the United States – in all the major cities such as Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Dallas, Chicago, etc. In addition to all the major cities they do offer properties in smaller cities and towns as well, so they are really spread out all over the United States and North America in general. This really gives a lot of flexibility to a lot of diverse customers. So, say you are taking a road trip and want to stop in between towns or perhaps you are a truck driver who just needs a place to nap for a few hours in comfort – any scenario really! And in addition to hotels all over the United States and Canada you can also find properties in Israel, London, France, Germany and Malaysia. Eddy noted that they are actually expanding really everywhere but the focus is on North America. They bring on new properties every week so there’s a lot of options in terms of the types of rooms that you can book.

What About Occupancy And Pricing On Hotels By Day Rooms?

You can pretty much book a room for the entire family or for single or double occupancy – so certainly there are many opportunities. As for payment you do pay the hotel directly unless you’re going to do a nonrefundable rate. That being said there are two options. There’s a nonrefundable rate in which you can guarantee your booking ahead of time, pay up front and then just show up at the allotted date and time or there’s a flexible rate in which you can just book with it with your name and email and then cancel if need be. The average day rate varies but as of this recording it was around $90 – so you can see that it’s lower than a typical nightly rate. For a full day stay or a full 12 hour experience – you can often get a lower, premium rate depending on the property.

What Kind Of Properties Does Hotels By Day Represent?

All of the properties offered by Hotels By Day are vetted so it continues to go with everything that I do for you as my clients – I vet all of the properties and experiences I offer you. So that means is that if it’s a hotel we wouldn’t stay at, it’s not going to be on the list. And if you know me you know I’m pretty much of a hotel snob so I’ve gotta make sure that I like it in order to sell it! And Eddy added that when he talks with the hotels, he always asks them for details on their hospitality and how it all works at the hotel on the operations side. And since he is the lone sales guy, he’s gotten a chance to speak to a lot of these hotel and vetted them personally. For both of us it comes from really great relationships and that understanding that we all have a common goal which is to make you feel warm and at home.

Updated COVID-19 Information: As each property resides in a different destination, please check with the CDC for the most up to date information on COVID-19 here.


And that my friends is what Hotels By Day is all about! Be sure to keep in mind that when you’re booking through me, you’re going to be VIP which you wouldn’t get going directly through an app – which is thanks to my partnership with them. That’s what gives you a leg up to somebody else who wouldn’t get that VIP treatment if they don’t book it through me. Just wanted to make sure that you guys remember that. 😊

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