Colombia’s Caribbean Beaches

Think of turquoise crystalline waters, gentle breeze and pearl white soft sands. Think of blue skies, bright sun and inviting palms trees, you probably are thinking of the colombian caribbean beaches.

There are several, one of them is Baru, only 45 minutes boat ride from the historic city of Cartagena. The beaches in Baru is peninsula boasting beaches like the one you see on postcards. This is a good example of turquoise waters like the ones in Playa Blanca, if you’re visiting Cartagena this is the beach for you.

Another example are the beaches at Islas del Rosario. A collection of 27 beaches located 35 km southwest of Cartagena. They are within a protected national park and many of them are uninhabited. Each island has beautiful beaches and white sand and incredible coral reefs, day trips are available to the islands from Cartagena , it only takes 45 minutes by boat, departing from La Bodeguita pier.

Further at the Tayrona National Natural Park is the beach at Cabo, San Juan. It is one that gives you a great chance to enjoy unique views of a beach surrounded by stunning mountain landscapes and rainforests. And the chance to see a howler monkey, sand crab or blue-tailed skink as you swim and relax on this spectacular beach.

Palomino is a mainly indigenous village located at the base of the Sierra Nevada mountain, around two hours drive from Santa Marta. Its beach runs for 5 km with a river running from the mountains to the ocean at each end. You can hike into the mountain and relax in a tube down to the beach. In town, one can enjoy the fresh food of several restaurants as well as browse in the shops.

Pilon de Azucar at La Guajira is one of Colombia’s most unique beaches. It is located in the northern peninsula of guajira and the actual beach is nestled at the base of two hills of bright orange sand, surrounded by green limestone bases. This beach offers you some of the most beautiful turquoise waters and perfect waves in an unexplored region of Colombia. It will enchant you!

And last but not least is San Andres. It is an small island with gorgeous beach landscapes. The waters have seven colors of blue and is renowned for having some of the best snorkeling sites in the country. You can fly from Bogota and other main cities in Colombia.

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