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The story behind NSDA
The founder of NSDA, Tracey Janine Farrell, had recently been dealing with the death of her son from an accidental overdose and a daughter newly in recovery.  During her son Kevin’s addiction, she found that she was very much alone when it came to finding treatment for him. She knew of no one else whose child was also abusing prescription pills.  Tracey didn’t have the experience or knowledge of what was wrong and right in dealing with his drug use.  She struggled to find any help or resources. 



Her personal struggle with finding help on this matter was the motivation behind this organization. NSDA provides access to the many resources needed to battle addiction. Another service to come from this organization is On Kevin’s Wings-Hope Takes Flight. This non-profit organization was created to fund transportation to individuals who were seeking treatment away from home and out of the environment conducive to continuing drug use. She was able to turn her experience into hope for others struggling with addiction themselves or for their loved ones.

Finding hope with NSDA




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